Having been away for nearly 2 years, with only brief pit stops at home to repack, being at home for a period longer than a week has been very strange.  Mainly because on the surface everything is exactly the same.  The same shops, the same people, the same outward appearances.  But dig a little deeper and it’s soon revealed people have moved on.  Just as I have.  Relationships have broken down, people are doing different things, my parents look noticeably older.   The people I went to school with have grown up and matured.


Despite all the weirdness I have had a really good holiday… at home.  I’ve spent quality time with my parents, caught up with old friends and reminded myself of England’s beauty.  But I’m ready to go back to my bizarre normal life of being a sailing instructor on Sydney harbour.  But before I do that I wanted to share with you my Lake District adventures.

Into the wilds, lol jokes there's a cafe at the bottom.
Into the wilds, lol jokes there’s a cafe at the bottom.

It’s my favourite time of year, just coming into autumn.  Schools go back, so naturally the weather has been completely beautiful which means doing the outdoorsy activities I enjoy has been possible! With my parents we’ve walked to a variety of cafes.  Mainly old favourites such as Wilf’s in Stavely which I have to say still does the best chocolate brownie.  And today we ventured to the Eagle and Child, who delivered me with the largest pie and chips I have consumed in a long time! My dad being the exercise-aholic he is, decided to swim 6km down Windermere, on the nicest day of the summer so far.  Which meant my mum, my godmother and I got dragged along as safety cover.  It was really rather pleasant.  We started just up from Miller ground and paddled and swam collectively around Belle Isle and up to a friends for a bbq.  Being on the Lake took me back to my childhood and was a complete escape of the hecticness of Bowness on a nice day!

Picking brambles like hungry children.
Picking brambles like hungry children.
The Swimmers, Dad's on the right.
The Swimmers, Dad’s on the right.
A most excellent feed.
A most excellent feed.

During this time my middle brother landed from India, so my Granny came to visit and we went to Gilpin Lodge for afternoon tea.  I don’t think I’ve ever been more British in my life as I was sat in a Lake District country house drinking tea!  But their cakes are to die for.  My only complaint is I wish there had been more!

The youngest Finn on the way to tea.
The youngest Finn on the way to tea.

Dad and I decided to ditch normal father-daughter bonding activities and took ourselves on a pub crawl.  We started in Ings at the Watermill where they brew their own beers.  I was most impressed, locally brewed and delicious.  We then made the 30 minute trek to Stavely and quenched our thirst with more Lake District ales from the Eagle and Child (I think they know me know now) onwards from Stavely we caught the train into Kendal where mum joined us at The Castle.  As a bonding activity, I’d definitely recommend it.  As we’re now both quite the connoisseurs of British beers.


Mum and I went for a slightly different slant on our bonding activity, we went horse riding! Which both of us have done as children but neither of us in a long time! So the whole venture was really quite exciting.  The good people at Holmescales riding centre kept everything nice and calm and provided us with 2 very sturdy ponies.  Mine was a little bit greedy and enjoyed a good feed on anything she could reach!

Georgia, the greedy pony, and me
Georgia, the greedy pony, and me

My final 2 weeks I have dedicated to meeting up with old friends and travel partners.  The guys I went to the Amazon with came up to visit (of course they’re mainly southern, how impractical!).  We had a fantastic time eating, drinking and bramble picking.  There isn’t really much else to say other than I’m very thankful I have such fantastic understanding friends, and I miss them greatly when they’re not around.  And, of course, Izzie and I went to Lisbon to relive our Eurotrip experiences from 2013 (which you can read about here).

Old friends and beautiful settings. Photo credit: Amy Price
Old friends and beautiful settings. Photo credit: Amy Price

And with that I start packing, again, for the next part of the adventure.  I leave on Saturday feeling more grounded and linked with some of the most important people in my life than I have in a long time.  Kendal, this small town on the edge of the Lake District, will always be home to some extent, it’s just not where my life is right now.  And that’s okay.  So see ya on the flip side, England.



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