Random Acts of Kindness

So I’ve been back in Sydney for nearly a week now.  The weather has been officially appalling.  I’m talking gale force winds and sheeting rain.  Which as a sailing instructor, makes it very hard to do my job.  Despite this I have had some of the most beautiful days.

The night before the weather got hectic.
The night before the weather got hectic.

There have been multiple moments this week where I have been reminded of the beauty of the human spirit.  I made the mistake of forgetting to top up travel card, so when I went to jump on the bus for work on Thursday, I was declined.  The good citizen I am, I resigned myself to walking to work and being late.  Let’s also bear in mind it was also pissing it down with rain.  I’d barely got 5 minutes down the road when the bus pulls over and the driver leans over and goes “This ones on me”.  Shout out to the bus drivers of Sydney!

I have clearly been very disorganised this week and forgot my board shorts for work, so I was running round Manly at 8.30am like a headless chicken praying somewhere was open.  As it happens shops don’t generally open until 9 or 10.  I turned up at the door of Rip Curl, and after banging on the window, the shop girl noticed me.  I explained my predicament and despite it being nearly half an hour before opening, they opened up the shop for me and save my bacon.  Big thanks to Rip Curl!

At the end of the week, one of the girls who was on camp with us came up to me and gifted me with an adorable coaster that she’d made.  I honestly think children are my favourite people.  There’s no drama.  Things are simple. You either like someone or don’t.  At lunch time on camp, normally the kids all sort of ignore the instructors’ presence and go about their business.  But this week my lovely kids would form a circle around me, purely because they were so desperate to share their stories with me. It was moments like lunchtime which made an otherwise difficult camp a whole lot more bearable.

It’s these small moment of kindness that make us all human and remind me what life is all about.  It’s not about who looks the best or has the best stuff, it’s about the small gestures. The day to day acts of compassion that binds us as the human race.

Update on my lifestyle changes: I’m not missing sugar.  I find I’m managing to keep myself full and satisfied, as a result I don’t feel the need to binge on chocolate.  Result.  I was craving a huge sugar hit after surfing but I’m putting that down to the fact I actually tried to eat the sand and got washing machined a lot.  So my body was somewhat low on energy.  Solved that problem with my handy store of nuts and seeds.  I also discovered Aldi this week, and think it was love at first shop.  They have so many good specials on meat and avocados!  I have also bought a bike.  Don’t worry Mum, I also bought a helmet.  So we’ll see how my cycling in the city goes, being a country girl this could be interesting!


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