A Review of Sorts: Psychic Migrations

I was lucky enough to win tickets to the premier of Psychic Migrations, which aired last night.  For those of you who don’t know Psychic Migrations is Volcom’s newest surf film directed by Ryan Thomas.

Popcorn loving
Popcorn loving 

I have never been to a premier for a film before so didn’t really know what to expect.  My partner in crime unfortunately had her head in a toilet, God damn those sickness bugs.  So I was forced to rock the party alone.

The location was the Dockside Pavilion in Darling Harbour which is a spectacular venue in itself.  The Pavilion is like a huge tube with clear panes on the side which looks out over the harbour, the rest of the space was decorated with Volcom paraphernalia and being the cool surfy types they are, the space emulated the air of “I just threw this little old thing together”.  The space had been divided into 3 sections.  The first was like a holding space where waiters drifted around distributing drinks and nibbles.  The next section was the cinema, each seat had been gifted a box of popcorn.  Attention to detail was key to making the night as spectacular as it was.  And the final space was a party, set with enough food for about 1000 people and live band.


The film itself was completely and utterly epic.  I was mesmerised by the entire thing.  I couldn’t take my eyes away from the pure magic which was being played out in front of me.  The combination of mind blowing surfing and flawless editing, created a masterpiece.  My personal favourite part is Ryan Burch’s section.  He starts by shaping a board and then takes it out for a spin.  Watching Mr Burch surf is like watching someone create a psychedelic painting in front of your very eyes.  It can only be described as art.

Not a bad view. Darling Harbour by night.

Safe to say I had one of the most memorable evenings of my life that evening.  I thoroughly recommend giving the film a watch whether you’re a surfer or not.  If you like adventure and you like watching people do awesome things, then you’re set for a fun ride with this one.  And if you don’t want to go get on a board afterwards then I think there’s something wrong with your head!


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