Let’s go on an adventure

As weeks go this one has been pretty adventurous and hectic.  I’ve had a great time.  Amongst running our final holiday camp, I have also managed to eat my way around Manly, chow down in Newtown and explore some of the Southern Beaches of Sydney.  All in the name of testing out my Gelish pedicure.


Monday started with a surf lesson from yours truly to my friend, Olivia, who let’s just say is not the most coordinated person in the world.  The morning was filled with laughter and jokes as we tried and failed to surf.  I’m still trying to persuade her that surfing is really the best hangover cure.   She’s certain the ocean is far more fun without a board.  Having worked ourselves up an appetite we headed off to find something which would dull the hunger pains, and reduce the hanger we were both feeling!  We headed to “Banana Blossom”, which serves up Asian salads.  I’d been told their salads are good in the past, and boy they didn’t disappoint.  Both of our salads were nutrient rich and the perfect post surf nosh.  Banana Blossom has outlets in Manly, Bondi and Mona Vale, so there’s no excuses really not to try them.  I promise you’ll be a convert.  Olivia had a hankering for something sweet so we headed to “Bare Naked Bowls”.  Man, those bowls are good.  Personally I think they are more of a breakfast thing and are too big for a pudding.  But Olivia disagrees.  They are presented beautifully and are definitely Instagramable food! Not only this, but they are designed with your health in mind, providing an excellent alternative to other nutrient lacking dessert options.  So check them out!

She's ditched the board
She’s ditched the board
Post surf selfies
Post surf selfies
Monday night beers
Monday night beers at Manly Wharf Bar.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were taken up with work, which was awesome this week.  Mainly due to the weather being absolutely perfect and the kids were a pleasure to teach.  Thursday night was a big night and you can read more about my adventures here.

Friday brought a delightful hangover, having not drunk properly in a while, I forgot how awful those make you feel.  Having already made plans to walk the Bondi to Coogee trail, I had to peel myself out of bed.  I found as long as I wore my sunnies at all times I was fine.  Yes, I do mean inside as well.  The walk, however, worked off my hangover and the scenery was most definitely worth the effort.  If you do one walk in Sydney I definitely recommend this one.  It demonstrates perfectly how the city and the beach merge as one.  My other favourite walk which I did last year, is following the coast and cliffs from Manly to Dee Why.  A dip in Coogee’s water was a perfect refresher and motivator on a stunner of a day.  We headed into Newtown for a bite to eat and ended up at “Lentil as Anything”.  Lentil as Anything is a vegan venue that specialises in lentil dishes, surprisingly enough.  The special thing about it is; there is no charge for the meals.  The restaurant is run donations for meals.  You pay what you think the meal was worth and what you can afford to pay.  The place is always full which is testament to how good the food is there.

On our way to Coogee we found Bronte
On our way to Coogee we found Tamarama.

To the pedicure verdict! I got this pedicure before I went to Lisbon, which makes it 3 weeks old.   In those 3 weeks, I have wandered round multiple cities barefoot, worn wetsuit booties for 3 days straight – twice – (a feat no pedicure normally survives), surfed, skated and walked for days.  And still it’s reasonably intact! There are a few tiny chips here and there and both my little toes have lost their colour, but I have to say I’m impressed.  May I boldly suggest spending the extra money is actually worth the reduced hassle and up keep of normal polish.  Good job gelish!

That concludes this week’s fun!  Today I’m off to enjoy the races at Randwick! Wish me luck!

Homewards bound
Homewards bound

Update on my lifestyle changes: I’ve cycled to and from Manly nearly every day this week, apart from Friday.  The hills are definitely not getting easier just yet.  But the drivers of Sydney are far more considerate towards cyclists than I thought they would be, a pleasant surprise.  This week certain challenges have presented themselves.  Wednesday I had some dramas with a co-worker and previously I would have gorged on a sharing sized bar of dairy milk to sooth my soul.  But instead I made the biggest chicken salad with heaps of avocado to satisfy my emotional eating needs.  And to some extent it worked. It also helps I was too fed up and lazy to leave the house by this point so all chocolate was out of reach.  I have started to find I’m viewing food differently.  I’m starting to view it as fuel and looking at how it affects my body rather than just grabbing whatever’s closest.  It feels like a far healthier attitude. 


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