We raced the sun and we won.

Last night, my best friend and I raced the sun.  It’s days like yesterday that sum up our friendship for me.


After deciding to go to kick ons after the races, I woke up in Bilogla (a beach suburb of Sydney near Palm Beach which lacks bus routes, especially on a Sunday), with my 1% battery I called up Darcie.  She hot footed it to Bilogla, and picked me up in record time.  Having got in at 6am and I was still a little bit drunk when she got there, so our journey home was filled with recalling stories from my adventures from the day/night before and questioning how on earth I get myself into these situations.

I fell off, she continued
I fell off, she continued

I was meeting people in the city that day.  So that evening Darcie and I planned to go for drinks, but by the time we got to the point of actually going for drinks, the 35 degree weather made our decisions for us.  We decided it was time to race the sun to surf.  It was nearly 5 O’clock.  Daylight savings started that day, so we had until 7 before we had to be off the water.  At this point I was still in the city.  By 5, I was in the car with Darcie, tunes blaring, racing Porsches in her aunts Honda, desperately trying to get to Manly before it was too dark.  And we made it.  Victory was ours.  We raced the sun and we won.

It may appear that I'm nose riding, but don't be deceived.  It's only clever camera angles.
It may appear that I’m nose riding, but don’t be deceived. It’s only clever camera angles.

She posed the question “Do you want to go out tonight?”  As it happens I was thinking exactly the same thing.  That’s the thing about Darcie and I, we’re always on the same page.  And there’s something about that post surf stoke that makes everything seem possible and the world just that little bit brighter.  2 hours later we found ourselves back in Manly, once again racing, but this time to get into a pub.  Suddenly a quiet night had turned into a big night out with tequila shots and dancing on tables included.  As the Aussies say, we got leeeewwwse. Yeeeeew.

Before things got messy
Before things got messy

I’d missed nights like that.  The ones you don’t expect to have.  Where you try to fit everything into one night.  And succeed.

Victory is sweet.

All water footage photo credentials go to Darcie Collington.


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