An Ode to Avalon

Every beach on the Northern Beaches has a slightly different vibe, but I suppose if you were only around for a short time you’d think they were all the same.  But having been on the beaches for nearly a year now I’m starting to notice the differences and I’m going to share my favourite with you.  Avalon.

The best look out point
The best look out point

Of the 15 beaches the Northern Beaches proudly holds, Avalon is by far my favourite.  There’s something about the vibe.  It’s very much a locals beach with a slightly exclusive feel which still manages to make off comers, such as myself, feel very welcome to enjoy the beauty which Avalon possesses.  Although Avalon is on the main route to Palm Beach (it’s on the L90 route from the city), tourists rarely seem to stop there, probably because it’s bigger sister, Palm Beach, is the setting for Home and Away! Which means Avalon maintains a peaceful, mainly Australian fan base.  Personally I find Palm Beach a little bit stuck up and almost soulless.  Don’t get me wrong, Palm Beach is gorgeous, but I prefer Av.

The sky sometimes likes to be moody
The sky sometimes likes to be moody

Avalon is like it’s own little town, it feels detached from the city despite being well connected by regular buses.  Okay, yes it does take over an hour to get there from the CBD, but that’s a relatively short drive in Australian terms.  I find the headlands lend it a certain kind of country village feel, which I particularly enjoy being a country girl myself.  I use Avalon as my escape from the hustle and bustle of touristy Manly.

Grumpy sky
Grumpy sky

I don’t know what it is, but everyone I’ve met from Avalon has a certain special kind of easy going confidence.  Whether they’re fully clothed or half naked on the beach.  It could help that they’re stunningly good looking, but I’ll leave that for you to decide!  It’s the kind of confidence which could be very intimidating but Avalon natives manage to pull it off to make you feel at ease.

A quietly confident local
A quietly confident local

Due to it being so far away from most things and thus there being little else to do, Avalon’s population boasts some very talented surfers.  Which today I spent hours watching dance over the incoming waves.  The quality of the surf at Avalon is disputed as some of the best on the beaches, and the headland lends an excellent view point to watch the goings on of the beach below.  Whether it be the surfers, the groms jumping off the reefs or simply checking the lifeguards are doing their job!

And I haven’t even got on to the food yet! Avalon boasts an array of delicious eateries.  My personal favourites include Nourished, who do the most delicious juices.  My friend, Kirsty, and I have been known to drive to Avalon purely to get juice from Nourished.  It’s an addiction.  My other favourite has to be Burgers on Parade, literally 2 minutes walk down the road from Nourished.  Burgers on Parade do the best chicken burgers I have ever had the pleasure to eat.  So good I have been banned from eating burgers on dates after Kirsty watched me devour one of their beauties.  I haven’t had a chance to check out Avalon’s shopping.  I’ve been too busy eating and admiring the water! But from what I have seen the main clothing selection is a rather upmarket set of boutique shops.  Which I’d need to take a loan out to afford, but if you’ve got the money the offerings are always very elegant and in vogue.

And that concludes my ode to Avalon.  One day, I’d like to live there.  But I feel like those days are quite far off in the distance.  For now, I have a different set of fish to fry.  Avalon lies fondly in my memoires and it will remain my escape whilst I’m trying to achieve different aims.


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