An Evening of Thrills and a Morning of Chills

Last night we headed to Luna Park.  No we weren’t on time.  No nothing went to plan.  But yes we had fun.  For the simple reason we are the biggest kids you’ll ever meet.  Add a few beers into the mix and you’ve got a very interesting evening.

Happy to see me?
Happy to see me?

For those of you who don’t know, Luna Park is an amusement park located at Milson’s Point on the North Shore of Sydney.  Located opposite the Opera house.  If you’ve been to Sydney, it’s that scary looking clown face which is lit up beautifully at night.  As I’ve never been to any kind of theme park or amusement park, the whole evening was all new to me.  Being a park rookie, I allowed the others to show me the ropes.  They insisted on beers in “Wharf Bar” (Manly) before we got the ferry to the big smoke.  Managing to lose 2 members of the team before we’d even got to Luna Park, its been decided these Northern Beaches bumpkins really need to learn how to use public transport! We indulged in more beers at “The Deck”, Luna Park’s own bar, whilst we waited for them to catch up.  Who knew a park mainly aimed at children needed a bar.  Not I! I’ll leave you to assume the various states our 9 member team were at, let’s just say the spinning rides were certainly more interesting than they perhaps would have been otherwise!

It's carnivaaaaaal time
It’s carnivaaaaaal time

My favourite ride was the Rotator.  On this ride you’re in a drum which spins really fast, so that you can’t come off the walls.  It’s like you’ve been superglued to the wall.  But the floor disappears.  So you’re vertical standing with only air beneath you!  The boys weren’t quite such big fans of this ride.  They preferred the drop.  Which I did not enjoy at all.  This ride takes you very slowly up to the top of a pole, which does give a really nice view, but then drops you about 30m through the air and stops just before you hit the ground.  Having not free fallen off anything in a long time I’d forgotten that I get panic attacks doing it.  Needless to say I didn’t try that one twice.  The scream which came from my vocal cords deafened me, never mind my neighbours.  Coney Island was also good fun.  Coney Island is full of old style carnival games, like crazy slides, spinning barrels to walk through and mirror mazes.  I’d definitely go back, especially as we got their special 2 for 1 tickets.  Check out the “Lunacy After 6pm” tickets, it’s a bargain which can’t be neglected!

Saturday morning was quite the contrast to the previous evening at Luna Park.  I’d signed up to join the Roxy #RUNSUPYOGA event.  Unfortunately, I could only make the yoga.  Due to the fact I had work when the other 2 events were going on.  This meant, however, rising with the sun at 6am to make the registration.  A feat I’m rather proud of given the previous night’s shenanigans getting me home at 1!

Oh hey Mr Rising Sun.
Oh hey Mr Rising Sun.
Check the glassy conditions, got me thinking maybe 6am starts are worth perfect surfs.
Check the glassy conditions, got me thinking maybe 6am starts are worth perfect surfs.
Roxy made paradise
Roxy made paradise

The yoga was run by a lovely lady from Queensland, called Crystal.  It was such a fun way to start the day and highlighted to me, despite the fact I don’t do serious exercise, my muscles are actually very tight due to cycling to work and the physical nature of my job.  I should probably stretch more! Roxy created such a fun and vibrant atmosphere.  I can’t think of a better way to start your day than practising yoga to the sound of the ocean under the warm sun.  Roxy’s freebies were on point as well.  I am now the proud owner of a very comfy truckers style hat, a new quick dry towel and the consumer of “Blue Dinosaur” paleo bars and “Organic Avenue” Juices.  I’ve seen “Blue Dinosaur” bars around and about both on social media and in real life.  And I’ve been tempted but never took the step.  I now regret my decisions and wish I had tried them a lot earlier! Not only are they super delicious, and with 5 different flavours there’s something to suit everyone.  They are also, as the name suggests, paleo.  Which means, for you health freaks out there, no hidden nasties! Now “Organic Avenue” I was a complete newbie to, but their juices are most definitely on point.  I personally don’t agree with juice cleanses which they advocate, but that’s another story and is partially because I adore eating!  That doesn’t stop them from being a yummy drink whilst also avoiding processed anything.  They have recently opened their first store located in Paddington, which I will definitely be giving a visit next time I’m in the city.  Overall, if there’s a #RUNSUPYOGA event coming to a town near you, GO.  You can find out about them by following Roxy’s blog and Instagram.  The yoga cost me $5 and you can already see what I got included in the package was worth a hell of a lot more than that!


All in all, I’ve had a busy 24hours and I’m now ready for bed at 5pm!  But despite my exhaustion, I’ve had a lot of fun and a weekend of contrasts and it’s only Saturday! Bring on Sunday Funday!


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