Just Living.

Normal life has resumed.  Nothing exciting has happened in the last week or so.  I say this, but my friend, Jessie, has returned from being away for the past 5 months!  That was pretty exciting!  But other than that life has just been trundling along I’m afraid.

Tranquillity on St George's River last year.
Tranquillity on St George’s River last year.

Jessie being back has been a welcome change, she’s a tiny social butterfly who always is up for doing something fun.  She also has similar working hours to me and lives on the right side of the bridge, so is available for daytime adventures! YAY.  I’m giving her this week to get over jet lag and then the real fun will begin.

Bring on more spontaneous afternoons.
Bring on more spontaneous afternoons with this muffin.

I also got myself a third job.  I am now not only a sailing instructor but a kitchen hand.  Oh the glamour never ends.  It’s a means to an end and hopefully will by the end June I will have enough money to road trip from Sydney to Cairns.  One major perk of being the only female kitchen hand is all the chefs look after you really well and I have been fed most excellently on gourmet sandwiches and “mistake” juices.  In case you were wondering I work at “Local’s Corner” in Seaforth, and I’d definitely recommend the food.  I have no idea how much anything costs, but they also own “Jellyfish” in Manly and “Blue Water Grill” in Hornsby – I think it’s the higher end of the price bracket for a sandwich.

Darcie is now out of hospital and on the mend, which I am unbelievably grateful for.  In fact she’s well enough to go to a Hozier concert tonight, so I’d say she’s doing pretty well!  Her going out tonight bodes very well for our date with Taylor Swift in a few weeks time.  To say I’m excited is an understatement.

In regards to my lifestyle changes, I’d say they’re going pretty well.  It’s quite hard to eat out though.  For example, I didn’t realise how sweet onion relish is until it was put on my burger at work the other day.  It was just too sweet and I had to scrape it off! Never did I think that would occur!  My other issue was eating someone else’s leftover sushi.  I thought it didn’t have any sauce in but it actually had sweet and sour sauce on for some unknown reason, which needless to say shocked my poor taste buds! I just don’t enjoy things which are really sweet any more, and being the person with the biggest sweet tooth in my family it’s quite a shock to the system.  I think my friends are struggling more with the change them I am.  I know what I can and can’t eat, but they are struggling to do the maths sometimes.

Some people struggle with the fact I still eat fruit, given it’s high fructose content.  But I decided that fruit’s nutritional value somewhat outweighs it’s sugar value, I need vitamins.  Exercise wise, I’ve cycled to and from work every day apart from today, and that’s because the roads are wet and I’m a little bit nervous of greasy roads.  Surprise, surprise, the hills are getting easier and my feelings towards my bike are moving from disinterest to like.  Baby steps.  I still haven’t made it to Manly for the swim from Shelly beach to Manly beach, I’m going to wait for Katy to get here to accompany me on that one! She’ll be here in less than a month now.  I am really forward to not living on my own anymore! That and I can’t wait to see the turtles!

Leaving only footprints and taking only photos.  The south coast May 2015.
Leaving only footprints and taking only photos. The south coast May 2015.

I’ll leave you with the fact I spent today doing my Teflen course (Teaching English Forgein Language) – English is so hard I have no idea how anyone learns it as a second language – instead of venturing up to Dee Why to surf.  Due to not only the terrible weather but also the terrible swell I gave up on any attempts at surfing.

Dreaming of this.  What we had was a grey wet lake.
Dreaming of this. What we had was a grey wet lake.  Long reef, June 2015.

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