Everyday Adventures and Then Some.

My every day adventures continue, they all seem to run along a similar vein and involve rather a lot of salt water and sunburn.  I must get better at sun screening! But hey, salt water is good for the soul, no?  However, two every exciting things also happened this week.

Ghanian Sunsets 2013

NUMBER ONE – Katy arrived! “Who on earth is Katy?” I hear you cry! Katy is a 23 year old with dislike of the “real” world, who upon occasion has been known to make spontaneous life decisions.  Such as moving to Australia after visiting me last year.  What can I say? I’m good at persuasion.  The other important thing is she is my house mate.  Poor girl, I’m not sure she knows what she’s let herself in for.  This means I am no longer a lonely little lady, and I can stop talking to myself quite so much.  I have missed living with people, it’s so nice to come home and have someone to share stories with of the day.

The weirdest thing about Katy and I is that we’ve never met in England.  Despite both of us being British and having spent the majority of our lives in the UK.  Katy and I met 2 years ago in Ghana.  Which seems like a million worlds away right now.  Ghana was a weird time in both of our lives.  For me, it was the first time I’d been properly a lone away from home and working in a third world hospital meant some interesting thoughts were going through my head.   And for Katy, one of her best friends died in a car accident whilst she was in Ghana, leading her to leaving early and obviously being in quite a different place to most people when they are travelling.  But here we are today.  Happily living together for a week now.  Our balance seems to work just as well as I thought it would.  She’s very easy going and go with the flow and I’m constantly bustling everywhere.  We make the perfect combination, one day we’ll meet somewhere in the middle!


NUMBER TWO – I SAW TAYLOR SWIFT! Darcie got us tickets in June and I have to say they were the best cheering up present ever.  Taylor was amazing.  She lived up to everything I’d heard.  I’m afraid I was too busy being overwhelmed by the epicness of the show to actually remember to save any photos.  Apologises.  Sometimes I get too busy living to remember these things.  The entire show was an assault for the ears and eyes.  She’d made sure all 76,000 concert goers were given a light up wrist band, which meant the light show extended off the stage and into the entire crowd.  It was insane.  Singing along to my favourite songs with one of my closest friends will always remain high in my favourite activities list.  And the fact Tay Tay was singing with us made it just a little bit more epic.

Pretty much other than the afore mentioned very exciting facts this week has been very normal, I’ve surfed a bit.   Climbed some rocks.  Had a lovely “Family Dinner” with the girls.  Fixed my bike without help.  This was a particular winner for me as usually I’d just hand my bike to my dad!  Somewhere amongst it all I’ve been to work.  But when you’re job is as fun as mine, does it ever really feel like work?

Family dinner with a very flexible Steph.

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