Party Rich but Cash Poor.

This past week has quite literally nearly killed me in every sense.  Not only did concerns of alcohol poisoning cross my mind once or twice, but I’m emotional and physically exhausted.  It was a fun week, but I sure am paying for it now.  It all kicked off with not one but two Christmas parties.

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On a scale of socks, how ready are you to party?

Let me warn you now, drinking from 11 am is never ever a good idea.  It’s a good idea for the first 4 hours but then parties tend to spiral.  For me this means, ice cube fights, emotional outbursts and losing my jacket. My first Christmas party started with lawn bowls (like boules for us English folks) and ended at the only student night Manly.  The inbetween stages are some what hazy, however I know we had a very nice lunch at Manly Skiff Club, the wine was flowing at Wharf Bar and I noticed the Ivanhoe’s ceiling lights for the first time, before ending night in Shark Bar – which as the name suggests, is not the classiest of venues.  I managed to get home at 1.  13 hours of drinking later and I was just about standing.

The next day was round two.  When I woke up and my eyes didn’t work.  I had remembered my contacts.  My eyes just wouldn’t open properly.  As I wandered round the mall, searching for my costume for Saturday’s shenigans, I realised my eyes were probably still suffering from both lack of sleep and excessive alcohol consumption.  By some miracle I made it to work that afternoon, for our last session and my second Christmas party! This one was actually my favourite.  7 out of 8 very much adult sized instructors raced child sized boats from the club house to Reef beach (on the other side of the ferry lane), where we played beach cricket and had a couple of beers in the afternoon sun.  After sailing back we had a relaxed BBQ at the club house with some hilarious party games and one of the most beautiful sunsets I have seen in a while.  The winner of our race was declared as Josh – which if he didn’t win would have been a bit embarrassing as he’s the only one of us who sails competitively anymore!

Thursday night was a more chilled out affair.  As I’m celebrating Christmas with the Lawson family, they invited me over to decorate the house.  So dinner and tree decorating took up my evening.  Which are 2 of my favourite festive activities.  It was really very pleasant.  However, this year I am really struggling with not being at home for Christmas.  I have northern hemisphere cravings for cold weather, hot drinks and my own family.  But I will survive it’s only a season after all.

20151216_083157000_iOS 3
Pre-dinner snacks? It’d been a tough day.
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The finished product!! PC: Jessica Lawson

Friday was a declared a holiday day, Katy and I packed our day bags and headed up to Avalon for a day of swims, sunbaking and reading.  We finished off our Friday with dinner at Manly Gourmet Thai to celebrate my friend, Jamie’s 25th Birthday.  The food is amazing and the poor waitresses did very well at managing the rowdy bunch of us that turned up.  I really felt very sorry for them and was slightly embarrassed at the rudeness of some of the members of the group to the hard working individuals who work in the restaurant.  However, we were seated inside and the acoustics did not favour the loud boys I was with, and being so close to the kitchen in a very small space it was unbelievably hot.   So despite being deafened and overheating, the food still managed to impress me enough to persuade me to over eat and I was very close to being rolled home.

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Avalon, she never disappoints.

Jamie had decided that he wanted to do a bizarre game called Pub Golf for his birthday night out.  The only golf related things were we had to dress like golfers and each drink was a hole which you were supposed to drink in a certain number of sips to be on par.  I quickly decided to ignore my score card and drink what was with in my budget.  Which not only meant I was one of the more sober of the group but also that I managed to save enough to go to the cinema on Sunday.  It’s the little things in life.  Pub Golf is probably not a game I will play again.  It was fun for the novelty.  But fancy dress is only fun if I can be a princess.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Are you ready to golf?

Sundays are for sleeping.  So Katy and I stayed in and watched The Holiday – it is Christmas time after all! And an early night was had by all in preparation for the hard slog of the next 10 days work.

The school holidays have started and so I have holiday camps.  Children are incredibly hard work.  It’s only day 2 and the same child has managed to choke himself on his mainsheet and get trapped under an inverted boat.  On different days, but both are quite scary as an instructor.

It’s taken this week of having absolutely not time for myself to realise how important “me time” is.  I need that time on my own just doing nothing, to think and to breathe.  Sunday I spent a vast amount of time on Avalon headland just reading my book and thinking life over.  It’s so easy to get caught up in dramas and forget to take a step back and get out of my own head for a while.  Being in my head is sometimes a very confusing place and as a classic over thinker I have a habit of making mountains out of mole hills.  I have also noticed that no matter what time I get to bed, I will be awake between the hours of 7 and 8 am.  Thus meaning I need to listen to my body more about sleep, or I turn into a grumpy grouch.  Party Sarah may have to hang up her dancing shoes for at least the next 14 days so I can get to Christmas without falling over.

So l leave last week, sleep and cash deprived with some memories I’ll treasure and some I’d prefer never happened.  But my lessons have been learnt and as Freddie Mercury says “The show must go on”.


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