A Very Aussie Christmas

The holiday season continues and as does the traditional eating and drinking that so often goes hand in hand with the delights of Christmas.  I feel like I quite literally have not stopped since I finished working.  So I’ll give you a highlights reel…

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

  • Spontaneous after work dinners with Steph and Katy, which ended in fits of laughter and learning to unicycle. I still have time to run off with the circus.
  • Having sleepovers with the Bilibie girls, who are old family friends. Who I used to spend hours with in mountain streams in the Lake District with, in a location cut off from civilisation and phone service.  But I haven’t seen them in about 10 years so catching up on all the events of our lives was lovely.
See Dad, I told you we met up.  Katie and me.
  • Sydney to Hobart start. It’s always spectacular to see the start to this iconic ocean race.  The scale is unfathomable and the size of a 100foot yacht can only truly be appreciated when you see it next to a headland.
Boats and stuff
  • Christmas! How lovely are family Christmases? Especially when it’s not your family so you have no little brother to snap at!
Running of my Christmas excess.
  • Christmas Eve Party. The whole evening was full of games and giggles.  Jessie’s friend, Sean, doesn’t normally drink so seeing him drink 3 beers and not be able to stand up was definitely a highlight of my evening.  My other favourite part of the evening was after midnight Jessie’s brother, Andy and some of his mates came home, so we sat around drinking putting the world to rights until sunrise.  At which point it was decided sleep was needed.  It was so nice just to chat to someone who has no alteria motive and I didn’t have to second guess.  Andy, I hope we get to drink ‘til sunrise again soon.  Saying that I was wiped out for the next 2 days!
  • Palm Beach lighthouse walk.  She’s a beauty.
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
It must be love.

And that sums up my Christmas, Australia style.  We’re moving onto New Years now and all thoughts are turned towards the future and what the year ahead holds.  I have no New Years resolutions as of yet.  I‘ve got a few but I haven’t picked which one is going to be the main one. I have a total of zero ideas about what I’m doing for New Years Eve.  But something will happen and everyone will be happy.  Because, hey, we’re leaving the shit behind and taking the good bits with us.


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