New Beginnings.

New Years.  A time for celebrating, a time when people make resolutions they have no intention of keeping, a time for reflection.  2015 has been an interesting year.  It’s been incredibly busy and I’ve come a long way.  I’ve done a lot of growing and changing, but I’m by no means done.   There’s still parts of myself I don’t like and that I want to improve.

WE BORROWED A BOAT. *cough*stole*cough*

My New Year’s Eve was actually pretty hectic and I seemed to manage to squish 3 nights into one.  I started by hosting a dinner party, which I then abandoned to my guests and my housemate for the 9pm fireworks in Manly.  Jessie and I “borrowed” a small rowing boat and rowed outside of the moorings which gave us the best view in Manly.  That girl is a genius.  After that we reconciled with my dinner guests and made our way from Manly to Palm Beach for a house party.  The house was insane as you’d a house overlooking Palm Beach would be.  After a few too many drinks and some night swimming, I decided I just had to see Kirsty and Jake… who were in Newport.  Jumped on a bus, which is where my night turned swiftly south.  Next thing I know Kirsty and Jake have delivered me home to vomit in my own toilet rather than Mona Vale bus stop.  I welcomed 2016 in with a mystery cut on my cheek, bruises on my chin and being rather too well acquainted with my loo.  Lesson 1 of the 2016, straight jager is a big no-no!

New Year’s Eve line up.  Manly Skyline feat. Jessie’s head.

At this point, I’d like to thank a stranger on the L90, called Arron, who not only called my friends to pick me up but looked after my tragic sorry ass until my friends could pick me up.  I’d also like to thank Kirsty and Jake.  I am so very, very lucky to have such amazing people in my life who would not only abandon their own New Year’s Eve plans pick me up, but then care for me enough to make sure I was in bed and safe before leaving.  I honestly don’t know what I have done to deserve you, but God knows I’m thankful.  Oh and Jake’s dad for driving me – I’ve never met you and I am now way too embarrassed ever to meet you, but thank you.

So I’ve made some resolutions for 2016 that I actually want to keep.  I’ve got 3.  No, more responsible alcohol consumption is not one – but maybe it should be!

Number one – Exercise more.  I’m going to aim for at least 20 minutes a day whether it be a walk or a swim or a run.  Just getting moving is key, because once those endorphins are released everything seems just that bit easier.

Number two – Read the news.  I’m finding myself more and more disconnected from world affairs, whilst becoming more and more insularly involved.  The key to avoiding self-obsession is taking a look around and opening your eyes.  And it wouldn’t hurt to learn where not to fly to!

Number three – stop overthinking. Now this one is going to be the hardest one I reckon.  I am a classic over-thinker.  I over analyse everything.  And it’s really not helpful for my mental health.  I’m not sure how to stop overthinking but when I find out I will let you know!

There have been 2 times this year where I have become very scared of myself.  I’m not going to go into details but I didn’t realise I was capable of doing certain things, which I then proceeded to do.  Being petrified of yourself is horrible.  So this year I’d like to avoid doing that again.

I need to be kinder to myself.  I need to stop beating myself up over things I can’t control.  I need to breathe, take two steps back and then reassess the situation.  Which can be very difficult to do in the heat of the moment.   I’d like to become a kinder person, not only to myself but to others too.  Everyone needs to be cut a little bit of slack sometimes, because nobody is perfect.

And that sums up my welcoming to 2016.  The only way is up! Here’s to more adventures, more stories and more fun.

Oh PS I got to pretend to be a race officer that past 2 days.  For the Australian Cadet Nationals.  No biggie.Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset




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