Sometimes things go to plan. Other times plans just get made.  And upon occasion plans you’ve made get completely blown up into smithereens – or at least temporarily.  Lately all three options have been occurring in my life, all to varying degrees.

Everyone should celebrate with bubbles and a cauliflower.  Katy got a job and I quit one I didn’t like. And it was a Friday.

Let’s start with the being blown to smithereens.  I didn’t get some work I’d been banking on, so my financial situation looks a bit precarious right now.  But don’t panic, I have savings and I’ve been reliably informed by my house mate that I will in fact not be allowed to a) be homeless or b) starve.  It frustrating because that work used to pay my rent and my food bill, and now obviously I don’t have it so I need to find another source of income.  Which potentially looks like quitting the job I love.  Which would be a huge shame and somewhat alter my last half a year in Australia.  I was also planning a camping trip up the coast with Steph and one of her mates, but due to a possible job which starts whilst we were away I think that’s been cancelled too – for me at least.  This week’s been a bit of a bummer really! Loosing this work also impacts some plans which have very recently just been made.

Olivia’s leaving drinks on the night new plans had to be made.

I’ve been saving you see.  (This plan has been in the pipeline for a while now and has only really just come to fruition.)  My youngest brother is going to come out to Australia after he has finished his GCSE’s and we are going to road trip together from Brisbane to Cairns and then fly back to Sydney so he can see where I’ve been.  And somewhere along the way we’re hoping to go to Splendour in the Grass.  It’s quite an exciting time because flights are being booked and discussions to where and what are being had.  I’m not entirely sure how well we’re going to get on or to the number of times a day we’re going to want to punch each other but I’m sure it’ll be great.  We’ve both got a lot older, and one hopes more mature, since we last lived together.  Also we’re going to be in an incredibly different environment, so we’ll have to function as adults and not bickering children! Trip planning is always very exciting! Especially as this road trip doesn’t finish there, but actually once we get to Sydney we’re flying to meet the rest of our family in Hawaii! You see, 2016 is a big year for birthdays for us.  Dad turns 60, I turn 21, Tom turns 18 and Jamie turns 16.  So we decided it was a better use of money to have one massive final family holiday rather than have 4 massive parties.  And that, my friends, is why were are going to HAWAII!

No one charges for sunsets. #nofilter

I also seem to have managed to put a slightly more stable and sustainable life plan in place.  Pause for gasps.  Get ready.  I am returning to England after Hawaii.  Shock horror.  Whilst in England I am going to apply for university to become a primary school teacher.  I may or may not have found my calling, we will see.  I think I’d really enjoy it and it’s definitely a job I can see myself being good at and enjoying.  But whilst I’m waiting for all this university stuff to sort it’s self out I’m going to buy a van and turn it into an adventures van.  I have the designs already in my mind’s eye – I just need to put them onto paper.  I am also going to do another winter season because why not.  It’s better than sitting in the English winter! Then during the summer, me, my van and I are going road tripping round Europe.  Then and only then will I go to university. From there we will see what happens.  My dream is to end up back in Australia, but that’s a long way off yet and there’s a few more plans to be made in between that that master plan!

I can’t get enough of this view. England is going to be tough.

Sometimes, just sometimes, plans go entirely to plan.  Or at least stick to some kind of semblance that you’d expected from them.  Like this week’s camp.  Yes we were late getting back, yes there were unforeseen incidences that always happen when you have kids and boats and a whole lot of water.  But on the most part, every child left each session smiling and laughing.  And that was my plan all along.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset
Spontaneous golfing, because why not? We had no other commitments!

The thing with plans is, you have to expect them to change.  Or have leeway for them to change, because trust me when everything seems to be perfect a wrecking ball can smash through and change everything.


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