Sydney Secrets.

I’m in the forest again.  And it feels great.  There’s nothing quite like being somewhere so remote they don’t have a mail box for each house.  There aren’t any roads in my new location and the prevalence of off road golf buggies would suggest there’s no plans for them either.  There’s no advertising and the only information point is a community notice board and a book swap shack.

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Bushland loving

I’d forgotten how it feels for nature to make you feel small, to be deafened by the sounds of a thousand insects.  There’s no other noise apart from the waves breaking on the beach.

I’m at Mackerel Beach.  I’m not even out of Sydney.  I took 2 buses and a ferry to get here, a journey which totalled two and a half hours.  But yet I feel like I’ve gone back in time.  It’s a very isolated location but I feel more connected here than I do when I’m sat at home.  Despite the fact at home I’m surrounded by houses, buses and technology.  Maybe it’s being unplugged that’s done it.  I have no idea.   What I do know is that there’s a rather large number of rather threatening looking ants on the forest floor, but they’re minding their own business and I’m minding mine.  So I reckon we’ll be okay.  See, co-existing is easy.

On my ferry journey, we went past a place called The Basin which seemed to have a camp ground.  I think I might go camping there on Sunday to Tuesday.  It’d be nice to get away from the buildings and confinements of modern day life for a few days, especially as my previous camping plans were foiled!  I miss nature, I miss sleeping under canvas and I miss that feeling of being completely self-reliant.

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The lump on the right is Barrenjoey Lighthouse, next to the famous Palm Beach.  The lump in the distance is Central Coast.

I read about an unofficial trail which would take you to spectacular views over Pittwater and Central Coast, but I couldn’t find it.  So I think it’s very unofficial! So I followed a stream into the bush, did some rock scrambling and read my book.

So if you fancy sneaking off to a secret part of Sydney, here’s how you do it.  If you’re coming from the city jump on the L90 to Palm Beach.  Get off at the ferry wharf.  Here you can choose to go to Ettalong on the Central Coast ferry or take the Basin ferry.  I got on the latter.  The ferry journey is about half an hour long and is a lovely way to see Pittwater.  There are zero to no complications in the route.  Just remember to check the ferry times for the last ferry back to Palm Beach, or you’ll be stuck until the next day… or you could swim!  But it’s a bit sharky! Have fun!


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