Love Bubbles.

I am unashamedly single, rejection is my forte.  Whether it’s me who’s doing the rejecting or someone else.  Oh and it definitely doesn’t help I’m apparently very picky.  I am definitely not in a romantic relationship of any sort.  But still I get love bubbles.  I don’t know if anyone else does.

Love bubble def: a bubble of joy that starts in your hearts and slowly makes your whole body feel decidedly happier.


I’ve had my love bubbles a lot in the past few days.  And when they come there’s nothing I can do but smile and move.  All of a sudden it’s like I’m a small child again and I just have to move because I have too much joy to contain.  Oh boy, is it fabulous.

The origins of the love bubble.  My first love bubble this weekend arrived swiftly after my first yoga session.  There was a release, a relaxation, a freedom.  And all of a sudden I was on top of the world and could solve all problems.  Apparently including world hunger, I’m not sure how far I got with that one! The one major issue I did solve was getting all the way up the big hill without stopping! The chorus I’m expecting to hear from you is “Woo you go girlfriend!” My brain stopped being fuzzy and my body felt great.  All I could do was smile.  And dance.  There’s always dancing.  For this mad endorphin rush, I went to Powerliving Yoga in Manly.  That’s where I’m headed tonight as well.  Tonight I’m going for a different class though so we’ll see if it manages to have the same love bubble effect.

My second one occurred when I was walking to the beach on Sunday after work to meet Katy and Josh.  They honestly thought I was drugged.  I have no idea where that one came from but it ended in huge wave diving, beachy headstands and building forts.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Yes that’s a headstand. Be impressed. PC: Katy Ellis

And my most recent love bubble excitement was now.  I went surfing, and I was rubbish.  I honestly think I have forgotten how to surf.  But post surf you’d never have known by the size of the grin on my face as I merrily munched on nuts.  That was 3 hours ago and I’m still giggling to myself.

Maybe this is what satisfaction feels like.  Maybe this is how life was always supposed to feel.  Childlike and playful.  Maybe this is what self-acceptance is.  A happiness in solitude.


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