Big news.  I bought a car.  She’s an adventure mobile and she’s called Stella.  She’s old a quirky and you have to lock her manually and lock means unlocked on the rear doors.  But I don’t care because she’s mine and she has enough space in the back for all the stuff you need for an adventure.  Stella has been bought in preparation for my younger brother’s excursion to Australia for road tripping.  To say we’re both excited is an understatement.

Stella’s first adventure was a BBQ at Shelley beach.  Her second adventure was to the moonlight cinema in North Sydney.  The cinema was so cool! It was so serial to have the sky to turn from blue to candy floss and then finally to dark and star filled.  All whilst waiting for a movie to start.  Outdoor cinemas are just not something we get the opportunity to have in England, the weather does not allow for such opportunities.  We took snacks and blankets and cushions and it was rather fabulous.  The film was also hilarious which was good! We saw dirty grandpa which has both Zac Efron and Robert De Nero in.  A recipe for success I’d say!

Stella’s first proper adventure, however, was up to Palm Beach with Steph on Sunday.  Stella was a bit warm getting to the cinema so I picked up some coolant for her busy little engine.  Turns out she didn’t need coolant and I could have saved myself the cycle home with 5l of coolant on my back but at least I have it for the future now! Anyway back to the adventure, we detoured through Bookevale to pick up a unicycle, alas they had ordered the wrong one so it was a disappointing detour! The journey must continue! We got up to Palm Beach only to discover there was approximately zero surf.  And therefore our surfing attempts would be somewhat short lived.  However we had fun and the novelty of driving – not getting the bus – to Palm Beach has not yet worn off yet.

I’m so excited for all future adventures with Stella.  I’m fairly sure you’ll be hearing a lot more about her very soon, because there’s nothing more exciting than packing up the car to head off on a journey with limits to where or when you can go.

For video evidence of our adventure please click here.


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