I don’t want to go.  That’s the problem.  I don’t want to leave my cruisy, dreamy life in Australia.  I don’t want to leave summers of heat, I don’t want to leave my friends, I don’t want to leave, what feels to me, like the land of opportunity.  But I have to.  I have to go because my visa runs out and I refuse, on moral grounds to work a job I hate.  I have to go back to England and study so I can come back on a more permanent basis.

Processed with VSCOcam with f3 preset
I’ll see you soon. PC: Darcie Collington

So this is it, goodbye Sydney.  You’ve been an amazing home for the past year and a bit and I will never ever forget you. I will take with me the lessons I have learnt, the ones about growing up, the battles I’ve fought and the successes I’ve had.  It hasn’t always been plain sailing, but along the way somehow I’ve grown and, I’d like to say, matured beyond horizons that I couldn’t even see for myself.

Thank you Sydney, for presenting me with such a varied and wild bunch of friends that I wouldn’t trade for all the coconut oil in the world.  Friends who stand by me no matter what stupid decision I’ve made.  Friends who hold my hand during the hard times and party like there’s no tomorrow through the good.  Friends who help me laugh at my mistakes because everything’s easier when you’ve got someone to have a chuckle with.  Yes, I still make mistakes, but I’ve come to realise, cliché as it is, how you deal with rectifying the mistakes is more important than what the mistake is.

The best work crew, thanks Niall for coping being photographer.

Maybe here is where I insert a massive shout out to everyone I’ve met.  No matter what the experience we had, because without those moments, those experiences, I wouldn’t be where I am today.  It takes the bad to realise the good.

But there’s a certain few people I’d like give a shout out to because of the good.  The Manly Sailing Crew, you are legends – Tom, please never stop dancing.  Katie, your stories make me wet my pants – innuendo bingo for the win.  Niall, thanks for the jolly, your kindness is unrivalled.  Josh, you make me laugh more than a cartoon slipping on a banana, usually at you, not with you but whatever.    Marcus, cheers for bringing me back down to chill when I’m stressing, your future as a personal stylist is bright.  Anne and Chris, thank you for employing me and trusting me with more responsibility than I thought I could handle.

Jessie, your one of my main ladies, I don’t think I need to say more, I love you.  Steph, thank you for being my big sister and stopping me from going crazy. 

Kirsty, I am forever in your debt for everything you’ve ever done for me, you gave me a home and I will cherish that and you forever.  PS I think Jake’s a winner.  Darcie, thank you for being on the same page so much of the time it’s scary.  Lachie, for showing up and the best days doing nothing.  


Katy Ellis, my grandma house mate, I have no idea how you have managed to put up with me for the past 6 months, there’s been laughs, there’s been tears, there’s been cuddles, although unfortunately no hair braiding.  But thank you for being my rock and trying to stop me over thinking.

In the past couple of weeks, I managed to swindle about 3 leaving parties out of my friends including trips on yachts, numerous drinks and goodbye hugs.  Stella’s been well and truly tested by all of my nearest and dearest, taken on surf hunts, camping equipment scavenges and the occasional photo shoot.  *Side note I would be a terrible model, as soon as the lens points at me I get the giggles*

I seem to find adventures, no matter how small, where ever I am so the next few months should be no different as I start road tripping up the coast with my friend, Olivia, who I met whilst doing my farm work.  The next few months are yet a bit of a mystery to me, but I’m excited.  I’m excited for what the future holds, I’m excited to see my brother again and I’m excited to be free.

And I’m off, out of the safe harbour and on to the next adventure… See ya on the flip side

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