And So It Begins.

At the time of writing we are on day 4 of the Olivia and Sarah adventure. We’ve made it to Hawksnest. Which is just below the Myall Lakes.
Fingal Bay delivering all of the tropical vibes
Our first night we spent in a trailer trash campsite in The Enterance, where I would not have been surprised if ice addicts had been roaming freely. We were obviously looking very poor with our red wine and camp cooked food. Chickpea curry for Olivia and bolgonaise sauce for me. As a man, who it turns out permanently resides in the campsite, offered up his house (I use the term loosely) for us to watch Foxtel in. He had a dog who was delightful so we decided why not? First night of camping off to a very tech savvy start. Day 2 began with a surf at Shelly Beach. The waves were lovely and gentle and so much more open and forgiving than I’m used to in Sydney. Having pushed Olivia in the white water for a good half an hour and all of us having a good giggle I headed out the back. We then progressed north towards Caves Beach where we bore witness to a case of domestic violence. Any violence is shocking but when it’s a man hitting a woman and the woman is surrendering, it certainly shook us up, but more than we expected. We drove back round got the address of the property and dialled triple 0. And they took the case from there.

Being trailer trash
Caves Beach is an awesome beach though, with multiple massive caves (Australians have never been that imaginative with naming things) with walk ways through the headland. It’s an amazing geological feat. After marvelling at the caves we headed up to Soliders Beach where we stopped for a spot of lunch, before finally going to Redhead Beach which was our camp ground for the next 2 nights.

Beach camping is not only glorious because it is free, but also because you can hear the ocean from your bed. Lachie and his mate, Pete, joined us from Sydney for these 2 nights and each night we whipped up a gourmet camp meal, a glorious beach fire and beers. There’s something ultimately magical about opening your tent door and looking out over the ocean. Our days at Redhead ran flawlessly, with surfs and swims and then a tour of Newcastle from Lachie who used to go to uni there. I did suggest to Lachie that he keeps his day job given his tour guiding skills were not quite up to scratch. Another lovely thing about Lachie and Pete coming up, was they brought Jazzy. An aged border collie. Puppy cuddles are also delightful thus Jazzy made a lovely addition to our group.

Day 4 came around and the boys headed back to reality whilst Olivia and I had yet another day in paradise. After our ritual morning swim, we headed up to Nelson Bay. Not impressed, we drove a bit further to Fingal Bay. Now Fingal Bay is somewhat more out of the way but considerably more beautiful. It’s one of the calmest, most beautiful places I have ever been to. The area reminded me of Hawaii. And we spent the afternoon beach walking, doing handstands and exploring the pretty much otherwise empty beach. Dragging ourselves away from the beauty of Fingal Bay we headed to our current location. Arriving at dusk we set up camp and got on with sorting a fire and dinner. Dinner is now on. Olivia’s reading. And I’m writing whilst making sure the pasta continues to boil.

My contentment and ultimate peace with the world has returned after the stress of leaving and saying goodbye has settled. Our days could not have been more idillic for our first 4 days. Our entire world seems to be functioning around paradise. With out only worries being where we are going next and what we’re going to eat. It’s an incredibly easy and simple life we’ve managed to create for ourselves. And I have to say I feel entirely suited to it.






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