The Roadie Queens Continue…

The Roadie Queens (Olivia and myself) have continued up the coast and are now in Nambucca heads, waiting for it to get dark so we can pitch our tent in an area which has several very large signs saying no camping. However what’s the odds of someone being fussy enough to send us on our way in this small-ish coastal town? We decided it’s worth the risk and also worth saving the $30 on a campsite. Cheapskates ‘R’ us. 

Hello Northern New Spouth Wales

After adventuring through several national parks, taking the shortest ferry of both of our lives we wound up in Seal Rocks. Seal Rocks has been recommended to me by so many people as a great surf location, however we seemed to have managed to pick a week where there is little more motion in the ocean than there is in a cup of tea. Still we spent a lovely afternoon frolicking in the white wash and sunning ourselves on the white white sands and spotting dolphins! We continued up through Blueys beach to find even less commotion in the ocean, much to my annoyance. At this point it also started to rain. 
Blueys Beach
Blueys from a fresh angle
Lighthouse beach. It was smelly but you could still frolick
The shortest ferry ever!

Soldiering on we located a beach to camp on. We pitched up on a pretty much deserted Diamond beach and checked the weather forecast. Cooking our dinner under the open boot of the car is not one of the highlights of the trip it has to be said but with some careful fairy light placement, ambience can be created.   

Fairy lights saving the day
Sunrise over a cloudy Diamond Beach

And then the rains came. It rained from 8am solidly until about 9pm. It’s since been noted that were fair weather campers so after spending the day sheltering from the rain in Port Macquarie, where incidentally there was an Ironman triathlon going on and camping in the rain had been vetoed. The decision neither of us could cope with anymore rain was not a surprising one. To Coffs Harbour we went! And it’s famous Big Banana. Having returned ourselves to civilised human beings, we woke up to blazing sunshine! Praise all the Gods! 
A very unimpressed Olivia whilst car picnicing

After a joyful surf for me and a through beating for Olivia, we went in search of this Big Banana. Honestly it’s quite the let down. I still find it hilarious that due to the fact Australia has little or no historical landmarks of any sort they have just put big things in random places. I’ve now been to both the Big Banana and the Big Sheep. There’s still at least a pineapple and a ram to see somewhere. From here we did a 360 and started heading south to visit he places we missed the day before. First stop Nambucca heads. Where I frolicked and pushed Olivia on to wave after wave. One day we’ll master her pop up. But for today I’m just glad she didn’t end up face planting any rocks. 
look how happy she is now the suns out!
Still pretty
Obviously was a bit obessed

Days like today don’t get much better. Good food, good company and belly rolling laughs, all in good quantity. It may be 5:50 but I’m exhausted and could easily go to sleep now! My hair is salty, my eyes are snoozy and my muscles have the kind of satisfied tightness that only comes from waterborne exploits. All in all, I’m nothing short of content. 


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