Still No Surf…

After Nambucca I was started to get frustrated at the lack of surf. so when we headed down to South West Rocks I was getting pretty excited. Only to turn up and discover that you could see the reflection of the sky in the ocean. Great start.

Flat as a pancake but still beautiful

Despite this South West Rocks has been one of my favourite places. There’s a tiny beautiful cafe called Malt and Honey which did the best French toast with bacon, bananas and maple syrup (a Banana Republic) I could have died and gone to breakfast food heaven right then and there. The Horseshoe Bay Kiosk does a generous serving of creamy deliciousness. In fact it’s probably one of the better ice creams I’ve had in my life. I am aware that both of those delicious food items have a hell of a lot of sugar in, however I’m on holiday, on the road and out of routine and thus I am not going to beat myself up about eating sugar and just make an effort to recalibrate in the next few days.

Golden Hour
Sunsets on the way to the pub
Another sunset photo
And the sunrise afterwards
Classic cars making me all jealous

The other side of the sunrise

Our days have started to get some sort of pattern, swims, beach walks, reading and finding a place to camp. Our camping is largely on beaches where we have fallen asleep after saying goodnight to skies full of diamonds and woken up to sunrise rainbows of orange, reds and purples. However a word of warning, sand is incredibly uncomfortable to sleep on and both Olivia and I have very sore hips. You can see us hobbling around like grandmas. We loved south west rocks so much that we spent 2 nights. Something we have only done on 2 other occasions at this point.

Mushroom omelette camping gourmet

After 2 nights in what could only be called paradise, we headed south once more and hit crescent head. Finally we found the elusive swell if been searching for. Although crescent was the most crowded place I’d surfed since Sydney and I was nervous taking off, no one likes a drop in. The display of longboarding talent was off the charts and I happily sat in the surf watching the locals take off on wave after wave.

Lighthouse lookout
Crescent head camping
Sunset over Crescent
Into the woods

After a slightly sketchy night we got footed it out of crescent head and back up to Coffs Harbour which for me boasted the best surf of my life. I only got 4 waves but each one was bigger than anything I’d surfed previously, and the skills I was able to demonstrate fooled the other surfers into thinking I could surf. All this and there were 2 other people out when I paddled out, there is no better feeling than having the pick of the waves. To top off a perfect day there were dolphins!
Swimming not 2 m from my board a whole 7 of them and a baby. They hung around for about an hour playing in the surf and teaching the baby the necessary skills to surf effectively. Coffs Harbour will have special memories for me and I’m sure I’ll be back. The next morning I found a yoga class run by a lovely pregnant lady called Jas. I found the yoga class didn’t quite push me in the way I wanted to be pushed, and wasn’t like the classes I’m used to where I come out stretched and refocused and maybe a little bit dazed. But I’m grateful all the same. My back was a little bit fixed so that’s always a plus!
We said our goodbyes to Coffs and found ourselves in Yamba. So Yamba by day is incredibly sleepy and we worried about the lack of people. However Yamba has only one pub. So a Saturday night in Yamba is a little bit loose to say the least. And that’s all I’m saying about Yamba. If you get a chance go and enjoy it.

Too bright inside? Yup. Big night

Unfortunately Saturday nights in Yamba killed me to the extent where I simply didn’t have the energy or ability to surf Angourie which is the best point break I have seen by far. But Sarah Finn on less than an hours sleep is not a Sarah Finn who can function. So I will return to Angourie in the next few weeks and give it another go.
On Sunday there wasn’t a moment where either one of us wasn’t asleep. I slept all morning and Olivia slept all afternoon whilst I drove to Lennox Head. We stayed the night in a campsite called Flat Rock Tent Park. The toilet block with hot showers and electrical points was such a luxury. I washed my hair for the first time in 4 days and shaved my legs for the first time in 2 weeks. No I’m not the cleanest camper. I am a pretty happy one though. 12 hours sleeps later and we were ready for Byron.
We’re staying the YHA. It’s so windy here at the moment any surf has been pretty much destroyed. I have high hopes for tomorrow. We’ve had a delightful day wandering around Byron’s shops and being sand blasted on Tallows beach. Even Cosy Corner had been destroyed by the violence of the wind.

Lifeguards a running

Tonight we’re headed out for dinner and then probably for a few beers at the Northern. Tomorrow we’re going to try surf again and that’s about the extent of our plans. Wednesday Olivia and I part ways. And I pick Lachie up for a few days in Brisbane. And them I’m on my own! And who knows how that’s going to go.

I’m so glad Olivia agreed to do this part with me. We’ve had the greatest time and it’s always nice to have someone there to stop you worrying about the weird noise you just heard at 2 am! I’ll be sad to see her go. But we both have different plans and different places to be.


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