An Expansion On South West Rocks 

My friend and I are crouched upon a rock some way out to sea watching as the sun shines off the ocean like a thousand camera flashes reflecting off a sheet of turquoise glass. I feel as though I am a celebrity at a red carpet event. A sharp intake of breath from behind us on indicates there’s something exciting to be seen. We turn to find a couple behind us. Suddenly, “Look! Dolphins!” They exclaim. 
And they’re right a pod of four dolphins is playing not two hundred meters from my perch. Showing off their white under bellies with the grace and agility of dancers.

The couple and my friend jump.


I’m too scared. Not of the dolphins, I believe them to be gentle, kindly creatures who would simply be curious about our non-streamlined forms. I’m scared of the rocks and the breaking waves below me. Knowing if I miss time my jump I’ll be scraped, battered and possibly broken by my watery mistress.

I have never successfully jumped off anything, hence my initial nerves. I take a leap of faith. I make it.

The ocean embraces me. She wraps herself around me, playing with my hair. She brings me buoyant and asks, “what were you scared of? I’ll always hold you.”

But the dolphins have gone. They didn’t wait for me to embrace my fears. This is their way of saying, ” toughen up love.”

The ecstasy of my friend is enough. The sheer joy and thrill of the event has etched her face with rays brighter than the sun.

We are ultimately content. We play like children for the rest of the afternoon. Climbing rocks, bodysurfing baby waves and feeling the heat of the afternoon sun browning our bodies until the calling of food is too much.

Our days are ruled by the sun, the swell and our ever hungry bellies. It is as nature intended and it has never felt so good.


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