A Bump In The Road

Life’s an adventure and you never know what’s coming round the next bend.  This time quite literally. Lachie was driving us to Wategoes Beach in Byron and managed to reverse into a tree.  Big oops.  Stella’s tail light cover is now smashed and needs replacing.  All the bulbs are still in fine working order but you can’t tell what each light is referencing.


At the time this was a huge deal, meaning he had to go earlier, cutting our time together down by several hours.   Having had 24 hours to think (and cry!) about it, I can now just about shake my head and laugh.  So that is the bad news.  And here’s the good.

Having swapped Olivia for Lachie in Brisbane, we stayed in a gorgeous AirBnB in Surfer’s Paradise.  Our little studio apartment looked out over the beach and even with the construction site outside the building you couldn’t ignore the beauty of the ocean views.  This said Surfer’s is not my kind of place.  It’s very commercial and full of chains with approximately zero originality.  I would have however go to surfers if I was in a party mood because I have a feeling it would be loose. The next day we quickly headed south to Lachie’s favourite childhood holiday destination.  South West Rocks!  Lucky I liked it there too!

View from our little studio

Back to our beach camping, we fell asleep to the sound of the waves crashing around our own personal 5 start accommodation.  Neither of realised quite how far 5 and a half hours is to drive though and the next day we headed back up to Byron – in theory – so we didn’t have to stress as much on the last day.

Can’t keep up with my radical sleep patterns of 8pm sleep time and 6am wake ups

We stayed at the Arts Factory Lodge.  My misgivings about the place started when I had to question whether the receptionist was high or not.  We paid $18 for a very hard, very uncomfortable spot of dirt 2 inches from the neighbouring tents.  Forget guy ropes and pegs.  Lachie and I decided that this was not where we wanted to hang for the evening and instead we grabbed take away pizza and headed for the Pass (a surf spot about 10 minutes drive away).  We ate our pizzas looking over the ocean underneath clear starry skies.

Byron by moonlight

The next day we headed to Bayleaf in Byron for breakfast and a large dose of caffeine for me.  Caffeinated and ready to go we headed to Wategoes.  Where the incident occurred.  The rest of the day was spent finding a garage and trying to get Stella fixed.  Note: Garages are not opne on Saturdays or Sundays.  Next job, get Lachie to this flight on time.  All missions accomplished we hung out on a grassy spot until his bus came.  After a tearful goodbye I returned to the scene of the crime for a fun surf.

South West Rocks turning it up

Heading back to the hostel/campground/pretend hippie commune, I realised I am over fake people, unequipped kitchens and dirty bathrooms and vowed to move back to the YHA in the centre of town the next night.  Also I’m fairly sure I was high by simply breathing in at the Arts Factory Lodge.  Not my place.  Overall, I wouldn’t recommend the Arts Factory Lodge to anyone, unless you are a fake hippie.  I’ve met many real hippies in my life and they are not dirty pot heads.  It’s people like those at the Arts Factory Lodge who give hippies a bad name.  In my mind, hippies are people who care about the earth, are motivated, educated and cultured.  And most importantly they are very mindful of looking after any space.  Yes, they probably smoke weed, but not instead of breakfast.  Anyway, rant over.

Today I am organising my life.  Hopefully for the next 2 weeks I am going to work on a chicken farm, collecting and packing eggs and feeding cows.  In exchange for board and food.  Fingers crossed!

If you’ve lost me, I’ll be here

And that sums up the next part of the adventure.  Once again I am reminded it’s not about what happens it’s about how you react to it.  I was so angry at myself for allowing myself to expend energy on being upset about Lachie having to leave early rather than concentrating on enjoying our last bit of time together.  But speaking to a close friend, I was reminded that all feelings are valid and it’s healthier to embrace them than bury them.  Allow yourself to feel, but don’t dwell.  I am trying my hardest to live by this.


3 thoughts on “A Bump In The Road

  1. Ok hahaha. I am half way through all your blogs and loving them all. What a treat when you stumble upon something.

    Anyway, footloose and carefree you have to learn improvisation….sure tailights out…next time, (touch wood) Hit a newsagenccy and hardware up.
    Get orange and red cellophane (tough plastic see through wrapping paper) **newsagents***
    Electrical or gaffe tape **hardware*** ….apply over lights and time to find replacement from auto wreckers which you phone on a weekday about Hal an hour… Try thinking outside your box ok 😊 👍 🙆


    1. Hey I’m glad you’re enjoying reading my blog!
      Thanks for the advice we did consider this but then it at the hard wear store was like don’t worry about it the cops are pretty chill about stuff like that here. And it was only a day til Monday ☺️ Alls well that ends well haha


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