It’s the people who every often make or break a place for me.  And my wwoofing experience is definitely being made by them.  I don’t want to speak too soon because I’m not even a week in but so far it’s perfect.

I can see the seeeeeaaaaa


I’m wwoofing (willing workers on organic farms) in a small town near Byron Bay, Ballina and Lennox Head.  It’s a poultry farm and mine and the other wwoofers responsibilities include, but are not limited to collecting and cleaning the eggs twice a day.   That’s it.  The rest of the day is your own to do with what you will.  So today the other two girls and I packed up Stella after the morning collection and headed to Byron.  Where I taught Leila how to surf whilst Laurine watched on due to an ankle injury.  We played all afternoon and eventually got hot chips before catching the sunset and heading home.  My life feels very much like a children’s author has got hold of it and has taken quite the liberty to make sure my character has a thoroughly enjoyable time.

But really it’s the girls who made my day.  Everyone on this farm has such beautiful personalities.  They’re interesting and all conversations not only end in communal laughter but throughout there is intellectual stimulation, ideas and, of course, stories!  I’m learning so much about life and I’ve only been here three days!

Beach Days

The farm is perfect for me.  Located close enough to towns to visit and utilise them but not close enough that I feel suffocate by Byron’s constant stream of people and posturing.

Diligent student and inexperienced tutor! PC: Laurine

Now, I love Byron.  It’s delightful surf breaks and it’s alternative lifestyle without its creatives and artists Byron would just be another coastal town.  But due to Byron’s population adoring an alternative earth loving lifestyle combined with it’s surfers and artists, it presents a very interesting vibe.  And a never ending stream of visitors only adds to the mix.

Off on another surf adventure… PC: Laurine

The community radio station, which presented an hour long piece on compost, is just a flavour of the kind of people Byron holds.  And I love it.

Goodnight Byron, my love.

My experience here has already been a positive one, partly because the people are so lovely, partly because of the location and last but not least, I love the animals!


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