Hook, Line And Sinker.

I fell for a boy.

And he fell for me.

But I have to leave.

And he has to stay.

The beach near Waves Campground

Over the past few weeks I’ve been having the most wonderful adventures and explorations with a boy I love.  We splashed in the ocean.  We climbed mountains.  We ooh-ed and ahhh-ed at spectacular views. We watched as the sun spun round us.  We ate delicious food, and some questionable camp creations.  We watched endless episodes of New Girl.  We talked, we laughed, we cried.

After 3 weeks of being apart, Lachie and I met up again in Forster where we headed straight to Smith Lake in Myall Lakes National Park.  Here we had an Airbnb, where I caught up on sleep and Lachie practiced not hitting me whilst I snored.  Don’t fret we did explore the area too.  Although you could watch the sunrise and set from bed so we did do a lot of sunset watching from the warmth of our duvet!

Soon we were back to the simple ways of camp life as we headed to the Crescent Head area, where we stayed in Waves Campground.  Waves Campground is owned by the same people as the YHA in Port Macquarie, at both venues I have found the staff to be open, welcoming and unbelievably hospitable.  A combination of semi empty beaches, great headlands to climb and a fun wave, has formed fond memories of this campground in my memory.  Although Lachie did lose Stella’s keys and we spent a rather chilly evening waiting for the road side assist to come find us, it did result in us getting our dinner cooked for us as the camp manager took pity on our sorry hungry beings.

We headed onwards to Port Macquarie where we stayed with Lachie’s Aunt and Uncle and met some cutie koala bears.  (Sorry Koalas) If I could have a pet koala I would.  But the closest thing I’m allowed is a koala keyring.  Apparently my lifestyle does not suit a pet.  Bum.

Heading further down the coast we made it to Seal Rocks, which as Lachie says, looks like the beginning of Jurassic Park – or Hawaii.  Seal Rocks is so pretty and this time THERE WERE SOME WAVES.  But still no phone reception! Heads up for anyone going there sort your next nights accommodation before you enter!

Frantically, we were trying to book an AirBnB for the Blue Mountains the next night.  As even I wuss out of camping at below 0 degrees!  The Blue Mountains were an inspired addition to our trip as we’ve both been before but both desperately wanted to do some hiking.  We chased waterfalls and sunsets for 2 days.  I’m so glad we got an AirBnB because the reassurance that the house would be warm was beyond desirable when I could no longer feel my bum!

Finally we headed back to Sydney.  Where I met Lachie’s immediate family for the first time! A very scary time for me, however they are lovely and I shouldn’t have been so nervous.  I spent the next week catching up with friends, eating too many burgers, going to forest parties, concerts and the occasional surf.  I had a great return to Sydney but all good things must come to an end.

It was an emotional few days leaving Lachie, I won’t see him until October now because he flies to Europe in July, I didn’t know it would feel like I’ve lost him.  As cliché as it is I can only describe that it feels like my heart is broken.  There’s a pain in my chest when I think not being with him, so I don’t think about it.  And I sat with that pain for 2 days whilst I drove back to the farm, so don’t worry I’ve let the pain and sadness come and I can only hope its time for to come to accept the position I’ve put myself in.  I don’t think it will disappear but at least maybe it won’t feel as vicious.

I’m now back at the chicken farm and I’ve fallen back into my previous routine with ease.  I can’t think of a better place to heal.  Things are a little different this time, but everything always changes.  It’s what I’ve come to expect from life.  And in 5 days I pick up my youngest, but no longer littlest, brother! I’m rather excited! The adventures of Small and Large are yet to come!

Oh and ps I saw dolphins on my birthday.


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