The Fairly Famous Finns Take Hawaii.

Time moves a little slower here.  Café’s are busy but not rushed.  The traffic moves no faster than 45 mph at it’s peak, speeding is unheard of.  No one is in a hurry, if you’re late so be it.  Smiles are for everyone.  Mahalo is a way of life.  Family beach set ups include tables, chairs, gazebos, snorkel sets, body boards, eskis, hats, suncream and dozens of water babies.  Going to the beach is a full day activity.  This is Island Life.  And we’re loving it.

Palm tree addict.  PC: Kath Finn

For our first week in Hawai’I we are located on the Kona coast.  Our house is a 10 minute walk from a black lava beach where every time we’ve been at least one family member of 5 has seen a turtle.  In fact on one amazing day Jamie reported he saw 3.  These green, gracious giants nibble on the coral which has grown on the lava rock.  They are accompanied by 100’s of other tropical fish.  Bright yellow ones you can see from the surface and spotted eels and little timid box-y fish to name a few.  It’s an underwater oasis.  And the best thing?  The water is just below bath temperature, so no wetsuits needed!

I had been told that Hawai’I is a paradise land but I had no idea to the extent that the paradise would delve underwater.   The colours are more intense, the landscapes more impenetrable and it is always warm.  One day we headed to Captain Cook Bay where we hired kayaks to visit the monument which you can’t get to any other way than by the water.  We hoped to see dolphins to but no avail.  The snorkelling in this area is the best on the island, the guide books say and is the best we’ve experienced… so far! As we returned to shore the guy we hired the kayaks from informed us that there had been 4 small white tip reef sharks spotted to the far right of the monument, either unfortunately or fortunately – depending on how you look at it – we didn’t see them.  I think I would have crapped my pants, but I know the boys would have loved it!  Despite lots of suncream, hats and tee shirts my brothers fair English skin rebelled against the Hawaiian sun and turned them into very painful tomatoes!

Tomato boy.

The majority of our time has been spent chilling out, enjoying each other’s company and being warm!  Yes, I know I lived in Australia for two years but winter with no insulation and central heating is cold!  We have also established a few things, our family is not going to be a family of acrobats anytime soon, my family eats enough to fuel a small army – an expensive to way to live anywhere but even more so here, America’s food has so much hidden sugar in, twinkies are disgusting and skateboarding in the dark is a silly idea.

We clearly don’t know how to play a uke

As our skin turns browner and our hair turns blonder it’s nearly time to head to Hilo.  Hilo brings promise of potential surf, volcanoes, lava flows and meteor showers this weekend.  Let’s get amongst it!


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