New England

I’m finally back and English soil and it’s all a bit surreal. I’ve been home for all of 10 hours and am now back on a train south to London. Girl’s got to be interviewed!  My body is confused, waking up on its own accord at 6am this morning and to ensure I don’t fall asleep until I’m on the train back north this afternoon, I am thoroughly caffeinated.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
London daze

Anyway, that’s not very interesting – jet lag and time zone confusion is simply unavoidable.  What is interesting, is I’m going to London! And quite honestly I’m a bit excited. I love wandering around The Capital, in the melting pot of accents, cultures and people.  The variety of buildings never fails to amaze me. And my cravings for a European city are about to be met.  I’d never want to live in London but I do enjoy a meander, and with an hour to kill before and after my interview I assure you wandering will be done.
Weirdly, despite growing up in the north of England where the multicultural aspects of England aren’t all that prevalent, whilst living in Australia the variety of nationalities was definitely something I missed. Although hard to put a finger on why. Maybe I’m romanticising Britain now, especially since the Brexit vote (I’m a firm remain advocate, but that’s a different story) which outed us as a highly intolerant racist country, but I love the fact in this tiny land we fit so many different cultures in.  It does come with difficulties and I recognise this, but I wouldn’t change it. We just all need to respect each other and the world would run a lot smoother.
The best part about London is the museums and art galleries. In most cities you have to pay to enter these establishments, ours are free!  Although I have no idea where I’m supposed to be going for this interview and I may not get my dose of museum greatness today.  But I do have to come to London again in the next couple of months so rest assured I will be hanging out with that giant dinosaur skeleton soon!
My interview is for a job as a ski season worker which is all part of the plan for gap year 4.  As I am clearly not ready to rejoin the real world just yet. Flawlessly avoiding the reality I am not only skint but have not yet secured a place at university.  Although I haven’t applied yet so I’m not too worried.  And working in a mountainous snow covered paradise is never not going to appeal.  Fingers crossed and with the best of luck by December I will in the Alps.  A girl can dream right?

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