San Fran

San Francisco. My first ever American city. I loved it although it wasn’t without its flaws.

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Nice bridge

We only had 2 days and we filled them as best we could.  Our first night we arrived at 10pm however it was only 7pm Hawaii time so we hit up the local diner and it was exactly how they portray it in movies! Booths, coffee refills and the smell of grease hanging in the air. And that’s not mentioning the food. The portions were huge!  The reason for obesity in America was immediately apparent when we were served burgers which probably had my daily intake of calories and fat in! Needless to say we didn’t go hungry the whole trip.  Unable to sleep we hit the streets.  The contrast from Hawaii was brilliant.  In Hawaii, you didn’t see anyone on the streets after dark, but San Fran was at its most active and vibrant.
The next day we cycled across the bridge all the way to Mill Park which is about a 30 mile easy round trip.  And the views are lovely. And if you don’t feel like cycling the whole way you can always catch the ferry back from Sausalito.  Sausalito is gorgeous and is definitely where I would live in San Francisco, close to the water, close to the city and close to the National Parks. It’s a no brainer.  A bit like Manly, I realise now! But less surfy.
The second day we were exhausted, but managed to rouse ourselves at 6am to hit Dotties True Blue Cafe.  Jamie’s friend had recommended it. The food was good, but the service average and there was a queue – BEFORE 7AM PEOPLE! So if you’re prepared to wait for a table it’s alright, but San Francisco has so many great places to eat I wouldn’t bother waiting that long for Dotties.
Tom and I went back to bed – late nights and very early mornings are not our forte.  The rest of the family went shopping at Fishermans wharf.   Then in the afternoon we all indulged in a bit of retail therapy. Staying in Union Square was great, we were right next to all the action.
I will say this, although I think San Francisco is a great city, the prevalence of homelessness and poverty is smacked in your face.  The failings of the American system are immediately apparent.  Suddenly, I realised how lucky I am to be British, and have our social security system.  Because in America it is all too easy to fall off the wagon.
And all of a sudden we had come to the end of our stop over and we all jumped on to planes to Blighty.

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