You’ve Got A Friend In Me.

Friends. There’s nothing really quite like them, well good ones anyway.  They’re there in sickness and in health.  For better and for worse, they stick.  Not because they have to because they want to.  Pulling you through anything from break ups to bereavements.  And celebrating anything from shaving your legs to becoming a doctor.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset
Ullswater doing it’s thaaaaaang

Recently, myself and a family friend have been each other saviours and entertainers.  Every shift at my very boring job I can manage because I know at the weekend there’s something fun planned.  She’s made coming home much less of a task than I thought it was going to be.  But it’s interesting because I’m about 3 years younger than her and am friends with her sister primarily.  I was always a little bit scared of her as a child, she was a big bad older sister.  However I have always looked up to her.  She was my role model the whole way through school.  I admired her determination, stubbornness and attitude that hard work will get you anywhere.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

And I look at her now, I look at everything she’s achieved and I can’t believe that I am lucky enough to know her.  She’s going to be a doctor in August and it wasn’t easy.  And I’m sure it won’t be when she is a doctor, but she’s got this.  I know this because all the setbacks, all the redos, all the practices have lead her to this point, where I know she can handle anything.  I’d trust her with my life without a second thought.  And this amazing woman is someone I know get to call, not just a family friend, but MY friend.  Although someone I consider more of a sister than a friend.

The top of Coniston Old Man is pretty nice
Always find a body of water, it’ll make you feel better

Our shared enjoyment of the outdoors and adventure is what’s kept us together and I’m sure we’ll be friends for many, many years to come.  And somewhere along our walks around the Lake District, our sparkle is finding it’s way back.

Off she goes again, leading the way.  Featuring Lachie being a view obessive.



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