The Story Behind The Photos.

So this may come off as a rant and very ungrateful of the opportunities I have been presented with, but there’s a few home truths I think should be shared.  These “truths” are sometimes overlooked, with only photos telling the story.  I feel qualified to dis-spell them having road tripped for nearly 3 months in the past year.

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  1. Sand is everywhere, including your underpants. And it cannot be got rid of.
  2. Chafing (or Chub Rub) is inevitable if you live on a beach and insist on wearing denim shorts on wet skin.
  3. If you will camp on a beach there will be sand in your sleeping bag regardless how much you clean your feet.
  4. No one and I repeat, no one has gorgeous straight hair whilst on the road. By day 3 I had already combed through dreadlocks that were trying to form.  The mop on your head needs maintained!
  5. You will smell. Mainly because you will end up wearing the same clothes for days on end, and then your spend most of your time either sweating or around beautiful campfires.  The stench of you is the price you pay for the experience.
  6. There will be rainy days. Those photos just don’t get posted.
  7. Unless you are super duper savvy your phone battery will generally be below 50%. And the frustration others feel trying to contact you will be immediately apparent once you take your phone off aeroplane mode.  That and you won’t have signal 75% of the time.  This results in a backlog of messages and updates.
  8. You will eat some weird sandwich combinations e. g. our sundried tomato and olive sandwiches.
  9. Going to bed at 9 and waking up before 7 become a norm and feel perfectly natural when on the road in Australia.
  10. Your butt will get numb from sitting in a car for so long.  I promise the feeling does come back!
  11. Breakdowns happen.  Things break, cars get bashed, tears are sometimes shed.

But every minor discomfort is worth it.  Worth the sunrise with no one else around, the friendly dogs you meet, and the very smell you’re carrying, every grain of sand which has lodged itself somewhere unmentionable; is part of the story.  It’s all part of the adventures that make your memories so rich in depth and colour.  So yes, the photos are beautiful but it’s the memories the photos evoke which makes them so special.


2 thoughts on “The Story Behind The Photos.

  1. Thanks for sharing and educating – I guess people need to deal with reality, it’s good ot give them some facts before they set off on their own journey.


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