A Few Best Days.

So I’m officially on my third round of “mid-season” blues and these ones are hitting harder than the previous two.  I haven’t really wanted to go out, I’ve not wanted to ski (which let me tell you is highly out of character) and I’ve been spontaneously bursting into tears in the kitchen.  At the moment all I want to do is go home, go to yoga and eat a salad.  However, I’m not going to dwell on that.  I’m going to tell you about my best days of the season.  And hopefully that will help me get out of this downwards spiral!  In no particular order my favourite days are:

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
On top of the world

NUMBER ONE – At the beginning of the season I signed up to do “Squad Goals”, which for those of you who don’t know is Magic Ski School’s seasonnaire lessons.  On about lesson number three Pierre, our ever ambitious instructor, took us from the top of the mountain all the way down to a village called Le Raffort.  We lost about 1,000m in altitude, now this may not sound much but for someone who never even dreamed of doing off piste it was quite the achievement to make.  We traversed above the world, avoiding the hordes of people who frequent Meribel, before dropping down and skiing between the trees.  The snow conditions weren’t great, but the sense of adventure and freedom that Pierre had presented to me was irreplaceable.  Not forgetting numerous hilarious wipe outs Holly, Christy and I managed to make.  Hols and Christy managed to take tree hugging to the next level, and face plant one.  Whilst G and Daisy laughed as we found our powder feet.  I think this was also the day that Magic Mondays were created – aka the messiest girl’s night out.  Not only did Squad Goals teach me a few skiing tricks, it also led me to meet Daisy and G who along with a few other special people have made my season.

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PURE STOKE. Holly, me and Christy

NUMBER TWO – it was a Wednesday, I had the day off.  Pierre (see above) had invited us all to dinner at his house on the other side of the valley.  I skied all day, and then met G and Daisy at the Ronnie, our infamous apres bar.  At 6pm we hot footed it to get changed, collect a torte and then to Pierre’s.  The drive alone was hilarious.  We had the cheesy tunes blasting and giggles the whole way. Until we weren’t quite sure of the directions Pierre had given us, and we turned up a very narrow winding road in the middle nowhere.  But fortunately Pierre was waiting for us outside his house, just as we were starting to think we were driving to our demise! We had an amazing raclette for dinner with his family.  It felt like we’d gone for dinner with family friends, with wine, French and cheese flowing.  And of course laughter in ample supply! Eventually the evening had to come to an end and we headed home.  My parking spot is at the top of the resort and after being so buzzed by our evening we keen for heading into town.  I’m not a patient person so waiting for the bus was not an option.  So Daisy, G and I ran down the piste doing our best Pierre impressions.  Only to discover town was dead. We admitted defeat and headed home satisfied we’d had the best evening.

Meet G, grown up child

NUMBER THREE – This day was the first day I met Rolly and Charlie.  Another 2 people who have made my season.  My friend, Holly, organised for us all to ski together.  And I don’t know how to explain the day other than we had the fun-est ski which has led to us forming Team Ski Ski.  Our core ski team is Holly, Rolly, Charlie, Christy (my season other half, who is completely nuts and embarrasses me regularly but I wouldn’t change for the world) and of course me.  Over time we have added a couple of other members including our Ellie.  I love meeting with these guys to ski because I know we will have the greatest day of shit chat, speedy skiing and a decent apres.  So many people in resort can be so clique-y and superficial, but not my crew.  GUYS WE NEED A SKI DAY.  SOON.

NUMBER FOUR – After about a month of no sign of snow we finally got powder.  I started the day with family breakfast with G, Daisy and Abbie.  G is a breakfast whiz.  Avo, smoked salmon and poached eggs, mate you’re a goddess.  So after polishing off a stella breakky, we waited for the weather to clear before heading out for a day of off piste fun.  I mean I ended up as a snow angel more than most, but when don’t I?! Exploring with amazing, supportive people is always the way I want to spend my days.  Then of course we hit an apres of epic proportions. Despite getting the hanrgiest I’ve been all season it was an amazing day, especially after a cheeky chicken burger.

NUMBER FIVE – The day we met Holly properly.  I don’t remember much specifically about this day, other than we formed the Champagne Sistas.  Christy, Holly and I all have rather fabulous noses which leads to us not being able to use champagne flutes – sip sip shot girls! These two girls have been my ride or dies since the beginning of the season.  And I don’t know what I’d have done without them.  Stay crazy.

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We love scrambled eggs
Drinking wine because we’re mighty fine
Powder featuring Holly and Abby

NUMBER SIX – Holly, Rosanna and I had the day off.  It was half term.  The most horrible week of the season. BUT we caught first lifts.  We skied corduroy.  I was the first person down the mountain.  Later on we picked up the rest of the crew which was female only gang plus Joe.  We skied and drank beers all day in the sunshine, finishing off the day at The Hut.  With views for miles, beers and good company I couldn’t ask for much else.  Later on Joe and I skied down to the Ronnie carrying about 20 peoples rubbish as the sun was setting.  Ridiculously buzzed on life – and beer – we continued to apres well into the evening.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
I see you sunrise
Good bye sunshine

My season has been epic and with more snow on the way I’m sure it can only get better.  I’ll kick the blues with a few more days like the ones mentioned above and maybe a bit more sleep! The end of season is fast approaching and with that means sunshine, spring snow, learning to snowboard again and LOTS of end of season parties.  Bring. It. On.

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