Raison d’Etre.

Raison d’etre.  Literally meaning the reason for being.  What’s yours? What’s mine? I’m not sure.  In one of many chair lift chats, my friend suggested that our only reason for being is to find a partner and pop out a few sprogs.  His words, not mine.  On a primal level yes, that is our very reason for being.  But since we began surely we’re slightly more complex than that.  So I asked myself the question, what is MY reason for being?

My darling brother above the clouds

I found myself floundering.  Especially in a ski resort it’s easy to get caught up in the bubble and forget what’s actually important.  I found myself coming up with more and more questions instead of answers.  What do I stand for?  Why am I here? What is the purpose of life? What is MY reason for being? The questions everyone wants an answer to, but no one ever really finds.

So I decided my reason for being is love.  Love takes many forms, sometimes we all need reminding of this.  There’s romantic love, family love, friend love, love for activities, for nature, for pets.  The list goes on.  What motivates me is searching for that swelling feeling inside of you, the warmth, the giddiness and lightness when you see a loved on smile, when you get to do your favourite sport, a puppy cuddle.  Even just seeing other people love makes me happy to be alive.  A secret smile across a table shared between lovers.  Mother helping their child.  The light that turns on in someone’s eyes when they talk about something they love.  As mushy as it is, that is my reason for being.

I don’t have a “special someone”, instead I have a whole host of other people who I absolutely adore and adore me.  It took me a long time to work out; but doing things I love with people I love, surprisingly, makes me happy. Whether that be surfing with my best friend, mountain biking with my mum or sharing a meal with my family, it’s what makes me tick.  Sharing moments and memories with my loved ones.  I think if you asked yourself you’d feel the same way, it’s a basic human need – to love and be loved.


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