Once again I find myself in the UK, more specifically the Lake District, until September.  After three years of high octane excitement and constant socialising and independence, I always land with a bit of a bump and a very low budget.  It’s incredibly easy to fall into the trap of becoming downtrodden and bored, however I am now a seasoned pro at avoiding this trap.  So let me share with you my everyday cost free adventure guide to North West England…

Trow Gill

  1. Climbing – outdoors

Luckily for me my family home is more of a gear store than most outdoors shops which means we already own all of the expensive kit which is required for climbing.  So climbing is free! Bar the costs of transport.  So my brother and I set off on an adventure to Trow Gill, a crag near Clapham in Yorkshire.  It’s a sport climbing spot which means all the gear is in place for leading and there’s top rope spots you can easily walk to.  Tom, my brother, lead up the 6a climb and I battled my way up with a combination of pure grit, determination and Tom pulling me up afterwards to retrieve our quick releases.  Trow Gill has loads of pitches, although perhaps not perfect for complete beginners, the easiest climb starts at about a 6a which even at my personal peak of climbing fitness I struggled with! We had fun though and climbing is a great sport for developing problem solving skills as well as under used muscles!  You need only follow the directions to Trow Gill in this link.

My view is clearly always the best one… 

2. Walking

For me this is easy.  In fact you can walk out my front door and your on the Dales Way.  But a nice spot to go to for a lovely walk with a great open path is Rydal water.  Small enough to walk round in an afternoon and with enough features to keep most people occupied as the caves along the walk are great to explore for young and old alike.  The slight sticking point is the parking, as with all parking in the Lakes it’s extortionate.  But much cheaper than paying to go to the cinema.

Rydal Water

Another good place to walk is Gummers Howe which displays stunning views over Windermere and is very, very short.  So short a three year old can walk it so if you’re not feeling active it’s a great one!


Finally, slightly further a field in Wigan you will find a canal .  Canals are great to walk along and run through a lot of towns or cities in the UK.  Walking along them is great as they are very flat, and often lead straight into the country side without being too far from civilisation!

Steph and I enjoying a canal adventure

3.  Treetops Trek

Okay, so this one costs.  However as I am applying for a job there they have invited me to do a test run, just to make sure I want to do it every day… Well obviously I said yes!  If unlike me you aren’t applying for a job at Treetops, then you can do the fun thing and join in for a price.  Here’s a link for finding a bit more information about all the activities to be done!

4.  Cycling

There are many, many routes you can follow.  Britain is full of cycle route which are all beautifully signposted.  The one we took was from Kendal to Grange-Over-Sands which is about a 26mile round trip.  I cycled with the Kendal Cycle Club, finding people to cycle with is a great way to get out and socialise all at once!  Although now my bottom is paying the price for not cycling for 6 months!  For some inspiration give this link ago!

The expression on my face lies, I was dying coming up this slight incline!

5.  Wild swimming

The Lake District is a very easy place to find spots for wild swimming!  My favourite places to go are Ullswater and around Belle Isle in Windermere.  However there’s loads of other places to go which can be found easily online. Click here.  Whether you choose to go in with a wetsuit or without is completely up to you!  If you do choose to swim in the Lakes make sure you or someone in your party wears something very bright as there is a lot of water traffic to watch out for.

I hope this short teeny tiny guide gave you a few ideas about how to get out of the house and into the outdoors, because sometimes we all need a little push!


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