A 24 Hour Reunion.

My best friend came to stay and we had the best day! And now I miss her, a lot.  Living on different continents as your best friend is without a doubt a disadvantage!  So we had a day of adventures in true Sarah-Darcie style.

Team coordination SKILLZ

After much losing of keys and excited reuniting we eventually set off with a car chock full of wetsuits, kayaks, mountain bikes and enough snacks to keep a small army’s hunger at bay.  Our destination was Grizedale where we hit the trails.  Due to the fact both of us are very inexperienced mountain bikers we chose the gravel tracks, which incidentally lend themselves to endless chatting as well.  When you have less than 24 hours to catch up it’s very important every moment can be filled with stories, gossips, thoughts and queries you would never ask anyone but your best friend. The lady in the shop thought we were mad heading out in the torrential rain, summer is a misunderstood concept by the Lake District, but the smiles we returned with rivalled those of a Cheshire Cat.

Mountain biking bliss, note muddy faces and Cheshire Cat smiles

A quick change later and we hit the road.  We had a pitstop in Coniston at Deano’s Bistro.  All that talking and biking had made us very hungry.  After devouring a spectacular lunch and chatting to my brother, one of Deano’s chefs, we headed to Miller Ground on Windermere.  We managed to squish in a kayak-swim venture.  We only own one kayak so Darcie kayaked whilst I swum along side.  As per usual, we were both in fits of laughter at the other’s difficulties.  Let’s just say Darcie’s kayaking skills might need work before she heads out on a grand adventure and I need to loose my fear of geese and dark water before I start swimming further afield.  However, water is our place.  It is our domain.  Believe it or not it’s where I feel most comfortable.  For Darcie and I, it’s the place where our friendship started and continued to grow.  So for me, at least, enjoying time in a watery environment together brought back memories of surfing and sailing in Sydney – some of my happiest memories.

Someone had to pull the boat in so her majesty didn’t get wet feet 😛


We headed home to ditch our equipment and chuck a wash on, because, boy, were we wet and muddy!  We changed, waved at my parents and quickly headed out for dinner.  And suddenly it was bed time, not only that but time to face the reality that I was headed for work the next day and Darcie was headed for Derbyshire, and shortly afterwards Australia.

Pre-kayak selfie

Darice and I have said goodbye a lot.  It’s never goodbye it’s always “see you later”, because we will.  It could be years but we will see each other again.  Our friendship has seen so many locations, emotions and so much distance that I know every time we meet up we will always just pick up where we left off, obviously with a sprinkle of adventures too.  Darcie, see you soon grommie.


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