Someplace New.

Here’s to Cardiff starting to feel like home. CHEERS *clinks champagne flutes* Its been nearly a month since I moved here. I’ve finally started to properly explore the area. And I can get places without using google maps so that’s a triumph in itself!

My bed room window goes alright

Moving somewhere new is hard.  I’m not going to pretend it isn’t.  To say I was a little bit stressed about the move from my home town to Cardiff would be an under statement.  I genuinely feel sorry for anyone who had to come into contact with me in the week before I moved.  In particular my poor family who put up with toddler style tantrums from an adult sized person. Now having moved I don’t know what I was stressing about so much.  I still question whether I’m intelligent enough to complete a degree course to the level I’d like to achieve.  And I don’t have any close friends yet, but that takes time.  My mum kindly reminded me I’ve always fallen on my feet everywhere I’ve gone, so maybe this was the time my cat like landing skills were taking a back seat.

Slowly, however things are coming together.  I’ve emailed what feels like a hundred people about chasing up surfing, snow sports, houses and other bits and bobs – some of which even relate to uni!  I’ve decided to join Cardiff university’s surf sport society, as I would have to create one at University of South Wales and what I’m really looking for from a society is somewhere to blow off steam with like minded people doing something I love.  Not organising something else, on top of everything else that is new.  To start a society you also need to have at least two friends to back up your idea so that’s another issue! House wise it looks like I will be a lodger for the foreseeable future.  I am trying but it’s difficult.  Real estate is like a whole new language and world that is still very much foreign to me!

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

However, given I haven’t managed to spend a weekend in Cardiff since moving, I think I’m doing okay.  It is a bit of a mystery to myself to how I have managed this, but I’ve had other things on!  Like a trip to the south coast, to visit a very important blondie and go to Cornwall for the very first time, namely to climb.  This Cornwall trip was a bit of an epic, Dad, Tom and I spent a pretty intense amount of time in the car!  But there was a massively sentimental and also poignant moment when Tom led his first Trad route, which was also Dad’s first Trad route back in his 20’s.  The idea of this trip was for us all to go climbing at Sennen.  Unfortunately I didn’t feel very well so didn’t surf or climb, I did eat a lot of very yummy food though and go through half a box of tissues.

At the bottom of his first trad route!

IMG_6320IMG_6321Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

The following weekend I had to shoot up the motorway to Bradwell to see another important blondie and also attend a first aid course in Buxton.  Who knew Derbyshire was so far away from Wales! Not me apparently!  Having caught up with my blondie and now officially qualified to give you CPR and put a plaster on, I shot back down the motorway to Porthcrawl.

And I swam (read frolicked) in the ocean for a good hour, as soon as the salty, fresh water hit my face I knew I was home. There is nothing that compares to swimming in the surf.  I was at one with the water, being carried and gentle caressed by the tiny swell.  It was almost as if the ocean was saying “welcome back”.  There was an aspect of now I’m here I’m never leaving but  in the end, I decided I needed green vegetables and to look at my assignment title.

With sunsets like these, I think Cardiff and I might get on!

And that brings me to this very Thursday evening, today I explored Penarth.  I love it there.  There’s loads of nice food shops and a surf shop.  What else does a place need?!  I’m now planning my weekend.   The first one in Cardiff! So I’ll leave you with the fact I’m going surfing on Sunday and exploring the city centre and the bay on Saturday.  I have forgotten quite how much fun being a tourist is.


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