A Great Welsh Adventure.

This weekend was easily one of the best ones I’ve had in a while.  It didn’t take that much to make me very, very happy.  A childhood friend, a van, ocean time and a lot of talking about everything and nothing resulted in a very happy Sarah.  Then add some crazy weather and beautiful views, what do you get? A weekend that’s hard to match!

GOOD MORNING.  PC: Rosie Halcrow

Rosie rocked up at about lunch time on Saturday.  We loaded up the van with surfboards wetsuits and a million layers and before you knew it, we were whizzing up onto the M4 and out west towards Gower.  We’d been told to go to Rhosilli for pure beauty!  I’m sure when the winds are gusting at 70mph and you don’t have to walk at a slant into the wind just to make forwards progress, Rhosilli is a very lovely part of the world!  But as it is, we couldn’t get into the sea for the fear of being swept away in 22ft swells. It’s really quite exposed there you see.  I’ve made a note to go back in better weather though.  We made a pit stop at a pub there for tea and cake.  We didn’t rate the pub, especially when the waiter started wiping the table before we’d even finished our cake and proceeded to take our plates before we finished the last mouthful.  Talk about being rushed out!

Rhosilli down it’s best to send us flying

We headed back along to the coast to a bay that had looked more sheltered from both the wind and the swell.  We were sort of right.  We attempted to surf but the shore break was too strong for us little kooks.  Instead, we spent the rest of the afternoon spotting seals and watching people with more skill than us, before running away to find some dinner.  Chips and a sausage later, we pitched up camp in a secret hiding spot.  A bottle of wine and lots of talking later we were both out cold.  Rosie colder than me as I stole all the covers, mwhahahaha.  That’s a warning to anyone ever planning on sharing a bed with me!

Surfer watching. PC: Rosie Halcrow

The next morning the swell was supposed to have halved so we popped back to the beach to find ourselves faced with a pancake ocean.  Not to be put off by this lack of surf, we popped our swimmers on and jumped in! 2 minutes of October sea temperatures and we were more than glad to see our towels.  Any unfreshness had been banished and we were ready for the rest of the day.

Next stop! Arthur’s stone.  I climbed it.  Rosie watched and prayed I didn’t slip.  Upon occasion I am known for not being that nimble.  Trying our luck at a different pub (The King Arthur in Reynolds) we were much more impressed with our second choice and even managed to nab fire side seat.  Winner winner, chicken dinner.  We headed back east and jumped into the ocean, well, the white wash at Porthcrawl.   Let’s just get one thing straight, our aim wasn’t to surf properly it was to have fun, with the expectation we’d be bashed around and windswept post surf.  With our expectations met, we retreated to the café for some nosh and a hot drink before delivering me back to Cardiff.

2 very happy campers. PC: Rosie Halcrow

Thank you Rosie, for the most wonderful weekend filled with giggles and time well spent.  I’ve been feeling a bit low recently.  A weekend with someone who knows me well and feels like home was just what the doctor ordered.  Love you long time.

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