“Tell Me Something Good”


This memory is full of good, as we stood in the freezing winds on top of Blencathra, we were silent – astounded by the ridiculous beauty right on our doorstep.  Later, we camped, told stories and talked over our worries about the upcoming chapters in our lives.  Not necessarily easy chapters, but we have each other to talk it all through with.  And there lies the good, in our friendship.  There’s so much sadness on this planet it’s very easy to get pushed down by it.  So, I think it’s even more important to look for the good.

On the way up to Blencathra

When life gets tough, or the monsters in my head are taking advantage I write a happiness diary.  It sounds super dorky, but it helps.  It makes me look for the good in every day.  The small things that make me smile and make me forget about the bad for a while.  It’s full of silly things, like the colours of autumn leaves, cycling over crunchy leaves (I think I have a leaf problem), my favourite song coming on the radio, sunshine on my face, you get the picture.  And when I stop having to force myself to look for happy things, the happiness diary stops.  But it’s always there to read back on in days where life isn’t feeling quite so wonderful.  Reminding me of the good in the world.

And there’s plenty of good.  You only have to look at the world’s children to see it.  Whether they’re from England or Madagascar if you look you will see them creating games and helping each other, finding their own good in an increasingly confusing world.  Children naturally find the good.  Take the 15 month old I had the pleasure of meeting this week, delighting in the simplest of things, being sung with, read too and making her way around the kitchen solo.  Maybe we should take hint from the younger people in our life.  Living simply is really the most rewarding way.

Light KMF
Summit views

So, I leave you with a promise, a promise to take joy in the small things and to find something good in every day.  My challenge to you is, can you do the same?

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