A Letter To My Younger Self

Hello there little one,

8 years ago…

Okay, you’re not that little, you’re 14, and I’m gonna give you a heads up now.  You still look the same.  Our boobs do grow some more, much to our chagrin.  But really, we stay the same.  So make the most of that beauty.  Do not dye your hair red.  You will be an odd shade of orange for months.  Now we’ve got the superficial stuff out of the way, let’s get to the important things.

This summer you will go on THE MOST life changing trip of your life.  And all that hard work, saving and scrimping pennies will have been worth it.  You are going to meet the most amazing people who you will still be friends with and admire well into your 20’s.  I’m not saying it will be easy, but trust me, getting on that plane is the best decision you will ever make.  It will open your eyes to travel, to people, to places and to stories you never knew existed.  That said don’t believe everything you hear, your gullibility is of minor concern.  This trip will shape the rest of your early adulthood.

amy 34.jpg
You haven’t met them yet, but you’re going to love them.

At 17, there will be a tragedy and it will take you a long time to sort yourself out about it.  But trust me darling, there is so much in the world worth living for.  Don’t let one person’s decision make you question your own.

At 18, you’ll go away to Europe and again you will have an amazing time.  The travel bug will have well and truly have bitten.  Your next trip will throw you.  You’ll be scared, sad, confused, bemused and love all at the same time.  Ghana will remain one of the hardest periods in your life and later on you’ll realise you have a touch of depression.  But this doesn’t come until a few years later in counselling when you can finally put the horrors you were too young to see to bed.  Although they’ll never leave you.  You’re stronger because of it.

Your next three years will be a whirlwind of experiences, people and places.  You’ll fall in love with Sydney.  You’ll meet your soul sister.  But there’ll be lows, and you won’t know how to figure it out but you will find a way.  You learn so much.  Eventually you’ll meet Steph, who will guide you and show you so many different ways of living.  You’ll be introduced to yoga and become addicted.  You’ll find your happiest with a purpose and that will return you to the UK (that and a lack of visa).

You and Rosie will realise you actually get on.  And you’ll save each other.

You will go to uni in Cardiff, to become a teacher.  Sorry chicky, medicine doesn’t work out for us, but you’ll realise it’s for the best.

Cardiff does come with nice sunsets though.

You are capable of more than you imagine right now, so don’t forget it.  And please keep your magical ability of saying “yes” to things.  You climb alpine peaks, you reach for the stars and ace your first two uni assignments, because you LOVE learning and teaching.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
You made it.

But remember to look after yourself.  You are important.  Look after your brain and look after your body.  Chocolate is not a fruit and eating an entire chocolate cake Bruce Bogtrotter style is not healthy.  But you know this! So implement what you know.

I love you, my sweet girl.

I can’t wait for you to be here, because it really does only get better.

Love and kisses,

Your 22 year old self


P.S.  You and your brothers will eventually be friends.  It’s a happy union, if slightly unexpected.


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