Quite a Night.

Two words. Wild Camping.  An activity which fills my cup up, reminds me of my appreciation for quietness (a surprise to all) and that the best sleep is always had under canvas.  It’s been a while since I took my little green tent up a hill for an nighttime adventure. But due to good weather, a very special visitor and my mum having the day after off work we took the opportunity for a little getaway with gusto.

What a place.

On a Monday night, wild I know, we walked ourselves up to a small tarn on the flanks of the Coniston Old Man. I won’t tell you were because that will ruin the magic.  Those who know know and those who don’t you can find your own special spots.

I always am reminded how lucky I am to have been brought up with a National Park as stunning as the Lake District as my childhood playground.  The freedom to spend weekend after weekend all summer long exploring this amazing piece of land is something I don’t think I’ll ever be able to repay my parents for.  Having said this, I am still definitely a beach person and would give my left arm to live by the sea!

Katy setting up camp

Back to our wild camping.  None of us had ever been to this particular tarn, which made finding it all the more fun.  With the sunsetting as we walked the clouds turned a lovely shade of pink.  The harshness of the rock and the crags is always something I enjoy, I think it’s something to do with the power of the landscape and the shapes it makes particularly in the Western Lakes.

We pitched our tents and settled in for the night, drinking wine around the tarn before moving onto sloe gin – wild camping essentials – our evening consisted of lots of catch ups, giggles and absolute nonsense.  But what else would you expect when you put two old housemates together?

It was a little cooler than we had expected and I think we were all slightly underprepared for it, however with beanies and thick socks donned we fell asleep to the sounds of the wind rustling our tents and the sheep nibbling their nighttime snacks.

Breakfasting a lot after sunrise, we meandered our way back down the hill to the car.  We had that very smug and slightly superior feeling over those who we crossed paths with, as we were going down and they still had A LOT fo up to go.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Morning light

We continued our explorations of Coniston, and revisited a cafe my brother used to work in which has been renamed Herdwicks.  A cafe which welcomes muddy dogs and walking boots, with a couple of free parking spaces and some outdoor space it suited us down to the ground.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Mum taking in the views

Our final plight led us to the eastern side of the lake where the weather gods were kind to us, and we took the plunge.  The water was like a “tepid bath” as described by a passing paddle boarder.  But due to this luxurious temperature Katy and I splashed around and reminisced about even warmer waters.

As we were changing the rain started and we made the executive decision to head home for an afternoon of movie watching and cat cuddling.  All in all we had a rather delightful 24 hours playing wild children and getting back in touch with our more au natural sides.

NOTE: As always with wild camping, we followed the basic principles of take only photos and leave only foot prints.  For more detailed descriptions of do’s and don’ts please click here.

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