Somewhere in amongst doing the research for my final year project at uni in an international school in Marbella, I managed to seek away to Seville for a weekend.  There’s nothing quite like sipping a glass of red wine watching the world wake up as night falls after the warm winter sun has dipped behind the Arabic inspired architecture.  Welcome to a perfect winter escape. 

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The Spanish are many things, football fanatics, traditionalists and experts in the delivery of cafe culture.  But most of all they are the creators of tapas.  Eat a little, drink a little as I like to think of it.  The dream combination.  The best thing? You can go out for dinner and pay less than 15€ for dinner and drinks per person at a quality the UK would be unfamiliar with.  

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Now due to the number of different tapas bars and restaurants we visited I unfortunately cannot tell you where we went for our many, many meals. But I will give you some top tips that I borrowed from my lovely friend, Daisy, who volunteered as tour guide for the weekend. 

  1. Always look at the specials boards.  This is will be the food that has been most freshly garnered from the local markets and most in season. 
  2. If the tapas dishes are over 3.50€, look elsewhere.
  3. Investigate what season it is.  I was there in February and it was pig season, so chorizo and meatballs were the freshest and therefore most flavourful they would be all year. 
  4. Get a traditional Sevillian breakfast – freshly squeezed orange juice, coffee, bread, cured ham and tomato, seasoned with a little salt and black pepper.  Drizzle your bread with olive oil for the true experience before re-creating your open sandwich. 

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For those interested Daisy and her family run Finca el Moro (  Daisy kindly put us up in their secret room below the Casa they also rent in Seville.  Being located just off the Alameda was perfect, as we were seconds from the a bustling square which truly comes alive as dusk falls, just waiting for exploration… 

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