Birthdays in Lockdown.

My baby brother turned 20 at the beginning of May.  That makes me feel seriously old. 20 whole years.  He was born in 2000, the only way I remember how old he is or is going to be!  Unfortunately for him his birthday fell in the middle of the present lockdown in the UK.  So when he really wanted to be celebrating with friends at uni, he was chilling with his family in the sunshine.  

I’ve already shared these photos on my instagram, but I thought I’d give you a little more background to the recipe.  Just incase you were bored enough to get this far!! 

So this is the beauty that I created.  

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So this isn’t exactly how I expected to be finishing my final year at university.  Today I was supposed to be sitting an exam. This weekend I was supposed to be flying to Greece for four months where I’d be working as a childcare practitioner.  I was going to have a party this year,  I graduate, turn 25 and was going to do exciting things – those things seemed like something to celebrate. 

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Mi padre helping me navigate these weird ol’ times.  PC: Karma Cycling (more commonly known as Mum)

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Quite a Night.

Two words. Wild Camping.  An activity which fills my cup up, reminds me of my appreciation for quietness (a surprise to all) and that the best sleep is always had under canvas.  It’s been a while since I took my little green tent up a hill for an nighttime adventure. But due to good weather, a very special visitor and my mum having the day after off work we took the opportunity for a little getaway with gusto.

What a place.

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At the grand old age of 22 I have finally come to terms with the fact I am not actually fat.  I have believed that I am fat, and for a brief while obese, for as long as I can remember.  It probably has something to do with the fact that I come from an exercise obsessed family who are borderline addicted.  Actually, are addicted to whatever their chosen sport is.

Not fat, just loves bananas.


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New Year… A Few Weeks Late

Hay up, I’ve moved house… again! I am now living in what will be my house for the rest of my degree, which seems pretty crazy.  It might be a bit of an understatement to say I love it.  Although I’ve been here over a week and the boiler is still a mystery to me.  I think it always will be.  I’ve been pretty busy over the last month, what with the Christmas period, going away and working.  So, I’ll give you a little round up.

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Wales in December can be niiiiiice

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