Someplace New.

Here’s to Cardiff starting to feel like home. CHEERS *clinks champagne flutes* Its been nearly a month since I moved here. I’ve finally started to properly explore the area. And I can get places without using google maps so that’s a triumph in itself!

My bed room window goes alright

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The Story Behind The Photos.

So this may come off as a rant and very ungrateful of the opportunities I have been presented with, but there’s a few home truths I think should be shared.  These “truths” are sometimes overlooked, with only photos telling the story.  I feel qualified to dis-spell them having road tripped for nearly 3 months in the past year.

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A Colder Climate.

Canada is a land filled with big things.  The mountains, the animals, the houses, the suburban sprawl, the roads, the cars and even the trees are bigger than anywhere else I’ve been.  The weather is also more extreme, with lows of minus forty degrees Celsius during winter and thirty degrees plus during the summer.   All this largeness and these extremes only make this amazing country even more beautiful.


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Busy, But Bored.

The novelty of being back in the UK is wearing off.  My first few weeks home were filled with life admin and fun excursions, and true to form the first 2 weeks of September (when the schools go back) as always were uncharacteristically beautiful.  The next chapter is taking shape and ideas of where, what and how are starting to form.  But for now I’m stuck in the north of England for a while as I accumulate some funds.

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Tomorrow I get on a plane to San Francisco. Which, incase you weren’t aware, is neither my birth place or my home.  This trip is coming to an end. There’s only so much more pretending I can do. In 4 days, and an awful lot of time zone confusion later, I will be back on English soil. But that’s not home.