A Great Welsh Adventure.

This weekend was easily one of the best ones I’ve had in a while.  It didn’t take that much to make me very, very happy.  A childhood friend, a van, ocean time and a lot of talking about everything and nothing resulted in a very happy Sarah.  Then add some crazy weather and beautiful views, what do you get? A weekend that’s hard to match!

GOOD MORNING.  PC: Rosie Halcrow

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West Coast Roadtrippin’.

Cue the weirdest week of my life.  Daisy and I were supposed to be road tripping from Surrey to Biarritz on the French/Spanish border, which is exactly what we did.  Although it didn’t quite go how we expected.  Flexibility and a willingness to say “yes” were both invaluable qualities required on this trip!

A great start.  Daisy tying the car together with string in the clothes from the night before

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The Adventures of Little and Large Begin.

The familiar smell of chlorine washes into my nostrils, only this time combined with a fresh breeze off the ocean and the sound of the waves breaking as I stare up at the sky, which is fringed by the fronds of palm trees.  I’m warmed by the sun rather than the oppressive heat that usually is present when I can smell pool water.  I’m reminded of childhood holidays to Lanzarote, outdoor swimming pools and sunshine.

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Whitsunday sunsets

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Being Alone Continued.

So I think I owe it to all the other solo travellers out there who are finding it hard at the moment to tell you a little story.  Being alone is hard.  Harder than anyone can really imagine until they do it.  You don’t realise how much you rely on other people for comfort, as a sounding board, for doing nothing with.

The first night in Stella, the novelty of being alone had not yet worn off.

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